Often found on many high end vehicles such as Land Rovers and high end Audi’s, air suspension can give you a much nicer ride in terms of comfort, performance and driveability. It can also offer you different ride heights to suit the terrain you are travelling on.

When it comes to options on Air Suspension there are a few available on the market; however, VB is the only Volkswagen approved system for the VW Transporter. Exploria are pleased to offer this system, with the peace of mind that it is extremely safe and in our opinion the most sophisticated suspension available for the T5 and T6. It also does not affect your Volkswagen Warranty, unlike many others. (*VB offer 2 years warranty on their parts)

This air suspension is not installed to be the lowest to the floor or to allow the vehicle to bounce around... so if you are wanting this type of ride, VB suspension is probably not the right choice for you.

VB suspension is designed to improve the comfort, ride and handling of the vehicle for everyday use. It is a 100% adaptive system changing with vehicle movements and cornering. The sport mode setting can be set to give you a maximum drop in stance to approximately 50mm drop.

"Yes it’s an expensive option, but it’s an absolutely fantastic bit of kit transforming the ride of the vehicle. It’s much more pleasurable to drive and gives great flexibility to do what you want, when you want... whilst still retaining that sporty look." Graeme Hirst

VB Air Van suspension


Sport Mode: This setting lowers the vehicle from its standard height giving less body roll, more positive handling and a firmer ride.

Off Road: This setting lifts the vehicle approximately 40mm higher than the standard suspension, giving huge clearance. This setting is great if you need to go off road or have a lower valance / spoiler fitted which can be compromised due to obstacles / curbs. A push of the button elevates you away from danger.

Car Park: There are many carparks where you just can’t get in just because you’re a few centimetres over. At a push of the button the suspension can be dropped to its lowest to enable you to get in without the worry of catching. This mode is also often used to leave the vehicle parked up giving it that super low look.

Self-Levelling: No need to get out and try to level your vehicle on levelling blocks. Just select the auto level button and the vehicle levels itself.

2 Pre-set memory settings: You can set two stored memory settings, so if you need a particular setting for such things as emptying the water tank or making it easier to load or exit, you can set these in the memory.

Manual Adjustment: You can manually alter the axle heights with the touch of a button, which can be very helpful if you are trying to get to something under the vehicle or need assistance in accessing the jacking points.

For peace of mind there is a full service network throughout Europe.

Prices start from £4600 + VAT fully fitted

VB Air Van suspension

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