Alloy wheels

Transform the look of you vehicle with specific alloy wheels for your Transporter. We carry a large range of alloy wheels that are fully weight rated for all models of transporters. We have supplied alloys for 10 years for VW transporters so know a thing or two about what fits and doesn’t, what’s legal and right.

If you shop about you will find a vast range of prices and availability of various wheels but many aren’t suitable for VW transporters even though they say they are. The wheels we offer are only suitable for transporters and we will only sell you wheels and tyres that are weight rated for your specific vehicle.

Our experiences have brought us to a select few American, Italian and German brands which we actively push due to the quality, construction, warranty, support, design and no hassle products. We do however supply some cheaper brands to remain price competitive and in line with most of our competition. As a company we would recommend the better quality wheels which as expected cost more but are worth it in the long run.

Take a look at our wheel range and see what you think... We hope you like what you see. If you don’t find what you want give us a call because we can most likely source them for you.

Please check out our alloy wheel guide to check what you need and why.

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