Awnings & Awning Rails

This is a whole mine field of its own when you look at the various options available. The best way we can advise on what is the best awning for yourself is to ask ‘how you would use the awning’??

Do you want to turn up at a site and create a base to live from? Possibly leave on site to protect your position on the site and leave various items without having the hassle in packing them all back in the van? Consider a ‘MUTIL RAIL’ or CALIFORNIA RAIL .... These can be twinned with various types of awning produced by the likes of Reimo or Khayam. Please remember to bear in mind that this type of awning takes up space inside the vehicle when it is not in use and does take time to assemble. On the plus side, these awnings can create huge spaces to sleep and accommodate the biggest of families.

Are you just looking for a bit of protection from the sun or rain showers, without having the hassle of erecting a tent style awning? Possibly look at our range of FIAMMA AWNINGS. Please bear in mind that depending on the fitment and type of vehicle, some of these can be a permanent fixture. This style of awning can also be made to be enclosed with the addition of sides and front sections to keep out the elements. As above, remember that the sides take up space inside the vehicle when not in use.

When considering which type of awning that you require, you may also want to consider the various LED lighting options we have available, along with external 12v sockets, gas points and water taps to make camping life that little bit easier... information and pricing available on request.

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Reimo Multi Rails

SWB Reimo Multi Rail £205
LWB Reimo Multi Rail £225
Fitting of above £60

All above prices are + VAT

Multi rail awning

California Awning Rail

California Awning Rail – Only Available for SWB £135
Rubber Channel for California Rail £85
Fitting of above £40

All above prices are + VAT

California Rail awning

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Fiamma Cassette Awnings


The most popular choice for a wind out cassette awning on a T6 or T5 the F45 is simple to use, strong and compact.

Made from extra strong yet light extruded aluminium and available in a choice of Titanium or Deep Black external casing colours. The Vinyl canopy is UV resistant, waterproof and washable.

Short Wheel Base vehicles suit the 260cm awning where as the 300cm version is ideal for the Long wheel base versions.

F45 for California or Vehicles with California Awning Rail.

When installing an F45 awning to a California or a van fitted with a California Awning Rail a specific bracket is required. The standard brackets are not compatible, so it is important to be aware of this detail on ordering.

LWB Fiamma F45s Black
SWB Fiamma F45s Black
SWB Fiamma F45s Black to suit California Awning Rail
VW Multi Van/ Riemo Roof Brackets
Powder Coating Brackets in Black to Match Awning (Silver as standard)
Rubber rain channel - stops water coming between van and awning
Fitting of above to standard van
Fitting of above to van with elevating roof

Please contact the office for more information and prices

F45 awning


Fiamma have designed the F40 specifically with the Transporter in mind. This roof mounted awning has a compact design making it an ideal addition on a T6 or T5. The low-profile brackets give a reduced height and a more slimline appearance. This awning is only compatible with vehicles with standard a roof.

Without the need for extras this can be a more cost effective option for a none elevating roof van.

Please contact the office for more information and prices.

F45 awning