Bike Racks

When it comes to loading bikes onto your van there are only 2 bike rack systems that we would recommend. Unfortunately these are quite expensive racks. But on the plus side they fit right, they won't dent your van and are top quality items. Over the years we have tried some of the cheaper brands but we now refuse to fit them due to the damage they can do.

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Volkswagen Tailgate Bike Rack

As the title may suggest these only fit T5’s with tailgates. They are a superb, well made bit of kit that can hold up to four bikes. Made from a good grade of aluminium these units have been crafted to work well and look as good as a bike rack can. The only downside to this rack is that when fitted (even without bikes) the rear tailgate is heavy and struggles to stay up without holding. With bikes on it makes the tailgate extremely heavy.

Camper van bike rack

Atera Strada

The below racks are our most preferred bike rack system. These units do require a tow bar to attach to and come complete with trailer board built in. The best bit about the bike racks below, is they have the ability to pull out when still attached to the towbar; therefore allowing access through the rear door(s). Another plus point is that the whole system can easily be unclipped and moved even with bikes fitted to it, meaning easy access without all the hassle of un-strapping the load on and off. The bikes and rack for instance can be moved to the back wheel and chained up for security.

Camper van bike rack

The number at the end of each model name below indicates the number of bikes that it can carry. The Evo model is a slightly more deluxe variant of the DL range in terms of looks.

Atera Strada DL 2 £345 + VAT

Camper van bike rack

Atera Strada DL 3 £375 + VAT

Camper van bike rack

Atera Strada Evo 2 £395 + VAT

Camper van bike rack

Altera Strada Evo 3 £470 + VAT

Camper van bike rack


If you don't have a towbar we have a good range of fixed and removable towbars available. Please see our towbars page.