Curtains and Blinds

Privacy and security is important in your vehicle. Whether you want to hide your private parts or the precious toys / tools that you transport - we have a range of blinds and curtains to suit your budget and desired look.


Stretch Curtains are the Exploria preferred way to cover the windows. They work on two rails; one at the top and one at the bottom of the window and the curtain attaches to both of these rails. This design stops the curtains from flapping around and offers full closure of the window. Made from a material thick enough to offer full blackout, they fit neatly into the window reveals. They are available in a range of solid colours with the most popular being the black and grey option. The aluminium tracks are also available in both black and grey. This design limits a little bit of light coming in when open due to the gather being in the window reveal at either end. In this range there is also a cab divider which works well to block the light from the cab windows and also helps to keep the heat in during the winter months. The cab divider works on just one rail at the top.

Side curtains supplied and fitted £70 + VAT (Each window)
Tailgate curtains supplied and fitted £80 + VAT
Twin rear door curtains supplied and fitted £85 + VAT (Pair)
Cab divider curtain £80 + VAT

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