Forge Brakes

Many customers look at making their van as quick as they can, but few look at making it stop quicker. Forge Motorsport offer a great solution to that. Not only do they make your vehicle stop quicker and improve safety, they also look very good too - especially when caressed by a loving bit of alloy around them! They are not cheap, but do offer a 6 pot calliper which applies immense force to the large 13” drilled grooved disks. (Please bear in mind that the large disks and brake on a 180 BHP are only 2 pot callipers). The Forge brakes kit only replaces the front callipers and disks and not the rear. In addition, you will need at least 19” wheels for these to fit your vehicle.

Supplied only £1,175 + VAT
Supplied and fitted £1,295 + VAT

Forge Brakes

Brembo Brakes

Coloured Callipers

If you just wish to make your brakes look good we can offer a calliper painting service. Your callipers can be painted in a colour of your choice and decals added to your requirements. Pricing on painted callipers depends on how you want them done and the condition of your callipers.

Pricing is from £240 + VAT

Upgraded Rear Disks and Pads

As Forge only concentrate on the front end, we offer upgraded rear pads and disks from Brembo.

Rear Brembo drilled disks supplied only £115 + VAT
Rear Brembo pads supplied only £105 + VAT
Rear Brembo drilled disks supplied and fitted with Brembo pads £284 + VAT

Brembo Brakes

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