Exploria Bar Bus

The Concept.....

To create the most unique and eye catching refrigerated media vehicle in the market place. A vehicle capable of serving a large quantity of chilled drinks, quickly, effortlessly and at the optimum temperature, whilst playing a range of media aimed at promoting brand image, advertising and live broadcasting.

The Vehicle.....

Sleek & stylish, with outstanding performance... a vehicle that stands out from the crowd, turns heads in an instant and generates a lot of attention!!

The beauty of the Exploria Bar Bus is that it can pull up at any event or location and be operational in minutes, with minimal set up time and minimal staff required, regardless of power supply and site services. The huge storage capacity also means that it can carry enough stock to make a full day or event worthwhile. Ultimately, we think this is the best refrigerated media vehicle available on the market, finished to the highest of standards and is an innovative tool to promote premium brands and sales of products.

Audio Media

  • 55” rear screen capable of playing media though various sources such as iPad / iPod / iPhone, USB, DVD, TV, AUX device or SD card.
  • Ability to broadcast TV & Sporting events such as Wimbledon, Tour de France and various other events and activities.
  • A fifteen speaker, amplified Alpine sound system, fully integrated including 3 Alpine subs and the ability to connect to the majority of media devices.
  • Freeview digital TV offering a range of channels and the potential to link up to the likes of Sky, Apple TV etc...potential to add satellite and play media via 4G.
  • Alpine 8” Headunit capable of playing the latest DAB, CDs, TV, Input media available. Complete with full integrated satellite navigation and the ability to play dual Zone.
  • Reversing camera to aid parking and manoeuvring.
  • All equipment is seamlessly moulded into panels to the highest standards, offering uncompromised performance and aesthetics.

Storage & Load Capacity

  • The ability to store a massive amount of product for the size of the vehicle – It is capable of carrying 2,300 440ml drinks cans spread out over six shelves, or 4000+ 250ml drinks cans.
  • Offers flexible shelving requirements, depending on product and product size.
  • Shelving is split down the centre offering the ability to store and/or promote two different products down either side of the vehicle.
  • Easy access, glass serving doors that can be locked whilst keeping the product still on display if required.
  • Colour changeable LED lights allow to suit specific brands or themes.
  • Increased pay load capacity enables a gross vehicle weight of 3,400Kg.


  • Our refrigeration system is a fully integrated internal system, capable of serving drinks at their optimum temperature.
  • Controlled by a discreet yet easy access digital display which is integrated into the dashboard.
  • Capable of chilling drinks from ambient temperature unlike many refrigerated vehicles in which the product needs to be placed pre-chilled.
  • Insulated with high quality materials ensuring that once the target temperature is achieved, less compressor starts are required to maintain temperature and quicker cooling times are achieved.
  • Refrigeration is provided by Webasto – service and maintenance are available worldwide.

Power Supply

  • It’s often important to be able to power the refrigeration unit by various means along with the audio. This is why we offer the option of an onboard generator linked into the same fuel tank as the vehicle (Not opting for the generator will give you extra load carring capacity of 110Kg).
  • A large 190 amp battery comes as standard with more than enough power to power the additional 12v requirements demanded from such things as the stereo for more than 30 hours without charge.
  • An inverter allows the function of the TV without 240v generator or mains supply.
  • The vehicle will run and power the refrigerator whilst running or on idle.
  • The additional leisure battery will charge via a split charge relay when the vehicle is running allowing function of all 12volt requirements. (This feature eliminates the need for generator power)


Various ways in which the vehicle can be branded up such as.........

  • Rear tailgate corner banners which can be designed and produced to suit any branding.
  • Large changeable name plate / advertising plaque in front of the 55” rear screen.
  • Possibility to have various eye catching vehicle wraps and signage.
  • Windscreen screens which can be designed and produced to suit any branding.


  • With its sleek lines and great aesthetics, from the outside nothing gives it away that it’s actually a refrigerated vehicle.
  • Various options are available in terms of styling and even custom styling products can be made to suit requirements, such as the logo being incorporated into a spoiler or badge.
  • Styling is not just limited to paintwork and exterior panels.....such things as air suspension, upgraded brakes etc. can add to the appearance and also the load capacity.

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