Custom One

It doesn’t get any more custom than this. Any van, any style, any design........

This custom one design allows you to create any camper you require. We can convert on any base vehicle and accommodate any design or layout. This option is a true custom build, built for your specific needs and requirements. Obviously the options are unlimited and are completely customer driven. Due to the unlimited range of options, designs & products, a build such as this needs to be approached on an individual basis. By discussing your ideal requirements and needs we can establish a starting point and offer various designs, products and options.

Once we have established a basis we can then provide a detailed and fully itemised quotation. Building on a custom basis is normally always more expensive and can be a more lengthy process as opposed to buying a standard model, but on the other hand, it does allow you to get exactly what you want.

One problem when starting to look at a custom build, is that the customer will often say to us “how do we know what we can have?” our response is “anything you require”. It’s essential on a build like this that we have a lengthy discussion about what you require. We can then explore the options with you and will advise you on various ideas and offer our recommendations.

The reason for giving these custom build vehicles a name is to aid customers when insuring a specific type of vehicle like this.

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