Essentially, the Exploria Rhythm is our Short Wheel Base (SWB) version of the Tempo. With the same California bed system, Reimo elevating roof and high end kitchen appliances, the only real difference is in the furniture, with the SWB T5 being 40cm shorter than the LWB T5. This means that the rear wardrobe that you would have in a Rhythm is 40cm shorter than it is in a Tempo. The lower bed in the Rhythm is also 10cm shorter, and the roof bed is 30cm shorter.

Like the Tempo, the Rhythm has what’s considered to be the traditional camper layout; with the units running down the driver’s side of the vehicle offering great functionality, space and usability. Its Reimo elevating roof lifts at the front offering great standing height, and also houses the full width Exploria roof bed.

We had already taken numerous orders for the Rhythm before we’d even built the first one, based on viewings of the Tempo.....which is testament to how well received it has been. Tried and tested, we’ve now built quite a few of these new model Rhythm SWB campers and they have proved to be extremely popular!

One thing we are frequently asked is why choose a SWB over a LWB and vice versa – the main things we would advise you to consider are:

  • Who will be driving it & are they comfortable with driving/parking a LWB van?
  • Is this a daily drive or just a van for weekends & holidays?
  • How many people are going to be using the vehicle?
  • How much kit/equipment/clothing do you need to carry in the van?

In summary, a SWB is 40cm shorter than a LWB and for some customers; this can make all the difference for the reasons listed above.

The Rhythm has only the best products installed; ranging from the VW California seat/bed system, Reimo elevating roof, SMEV kitchen appliances, Indel B compressor refrigeration, Exploria custom made units and various options in terms of media, sound systems, leather upholstery and external styling products.

Below gives a quick overview of the Rhythm. Such things as linings, services, fridges, audio, media etc. can be explored in more detail from access on the menu bar.

Lining, Soundproofing and Trim

Fully soundproofed and insulated to the highest spec. Re-lined and smoothed internal bodywork allows for seamless lining to be applied, in a material of your choice.

Roof and Roof Bed

The Reimo slim line front elevating roof offers a sleek, low profile look and is colour coded to match the vehicle. Complete with Exploria deluxe roof bed trimmed in alcantara and featuring sunken under-bed spotlights and roof TV screen.


The VW California bed system offers the ultimate in flexibility, with a great sliding floor rail system which allows the bed to be moved backwards and forwards. This allows rear passengers to be able to be seated at any position along the rail and is practical for multi-usage. On a Rhythm conversion the California bed is not removable (only for service). However, it does still have 3 recline positions and is super easy to transform from a seat into a bed. An under seat storage drawer offers a fantastic amount of easy access storage. The rear sleeper pack is also fully removable, so that you can increase the boot space if required.


The Rhythm’s furniture is sleek but exceptionally cavernous. Every last bit of space is utilised, with lots of little useful storage spaces, no space is lost or forgotten. Flowing aluminium corner profiles give that high quality appearance. A wide range of furniture board options enable you to create your perfect look. Every piece of furniture is custom made and specific to your van to ensure a seamless fit and perfect finish. We pay particular attention to detail, such as ensuring that all screw heads and joints are invisible.

The Rhythm, like all of our models has been designed from experience and use. Some of the key points of the Rhythm’s furniture are:

  • Internal wardrobe ‘cubbyholes’ offer practical storage for underwear and small items
  • End of kitchen storage pockets offer storage for those magazines and small camping items. In many other conversions out on the market this space is void
  • The overhead kitchen unit offers great storage for cups and teabags etc. and offers a great mounting place for the kitchen lights
  • All the lights are routered to ensure a quality, flush fit finish
  • Double access doors offering easy access from inside and outside of the van
  • Low level, removable doors offer easy access to leisure batteries and storage space
  • Tambour doors allows simple access to the cupboard, regardless of the seat position
  • The rear over-head speaker unit offers a great storage space and houses those all important rear speakers.


  • SMEV 8000 series hob and 8000 series sink offer a functional and desirable look. Both with smoke glass lids give a sleek finish and can also be used as workspace
  • SMEV mini oven and grill is an option
  • Indel B C49 12v compressor fridge offers unrivalled performance, which is seamlessly fitted into the furniture with matching furniture door panel.
  • Importantly, all appliances are nicely located so that access can be obtained when the bed is upright or down.



Under-body water tank with an option of either a 30 or 60 litre capacity. Discreet filling point to rear of bumper, with a quick lock fitting for quick, dry & no hassle filling. Traditional filling options are also available. A 32psi pump offers great performance ∓ a fast flow, without the need for any self priming. It is also powerful enough to have an optional rear exterior shower.


Camping Gaz 907 locker located in wardrobe area. A unique, top access locker exclusive to Exploria. It offers a LEGAL gas locker which is air tight, flame proof and vented through the floor. All internal piping is in accordance with legislation, in copper pipe and with Truma pigtails and regulator.


Diesel powered heating from a Webasto Airtop 2000ST under-body heater. Offers fantastic, super reliable heating which is super economical and can also be used as a secondary heater whilst travelling. Can be controlled manually, by timer or even by an app on your phone.


Powered by the latest state of the art digital CBE power management system. Offers easy access and monitoring of vehicles stats. Complete with either 16 or 22 amp battery charger and 240v circuit breaker. 140 amp Voltage sensitive relay offers completely independent wiring system to van and high output 180 amp cabling.

240v inlet socket discreetly located under rear bumper, avoids any unsightly plastic boxes chopped into the side of your vehicle.

Various numbers and locations of 240v 3 pin plug sockets along with 12v sockets.

Lights - All high output LED lights with low draw

  • 6 LED roof bed lights offer direct light over the living area
  • 2 LED kitchen lights mounting in over kitchen storage
  • 2 LED Rear speaker console lights
  • 1 LED flexi neck roof bed / cab reading light
  • 2 LED tailgate lights offer easy loading and extremely useful if using tailgate awning
  • 4 LED roof lights, fitted into underside of elevating roof - optional when having an elevating roof re-trim
  • LED courtesy lights offer increased light and decrease draw from vehicle battery
  • Decorative LED mood lighting to top of wardrobe area and side loading door step - this is optional
  • Door sensitive internal lighting is nice as an optional extra
  • External awning lights can be a nice touch and even give you the option to turn your awning area into a night club
  • Twin 110 - 140 amp batteries offer plenty of power. Various options on batteries from lead acid, gel and traction, to suit your budget and needs.


  • Exploria custom screens for front cab windows
  • Exploria custom curtains for rear windows

Upholstery and Trim

Any standard VW upholstery is available, along with our unlimited custom leather options. Please also see our OEM seat covers and leather upholstery pages.

Audio / Media

Unlimited options of in-car entertainment are available. We have the capabilities to produce show winning audio media systems built in-house to your requirements. Please see our audio media pages.

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