Exploria offer a bespoke, custom build service from start to finish. Even though we have specific models of campers, all of these can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Our individual models are tried and tested. Our standard layouts have evolved into the carefully and ergonomically designed campers we build today. These layouts give both us and our customers a platform to start from, whilst allowing our customers the opportunity to create their perfect vehicle. The way in which we work is to itemise the complete cost of your build, even down to individual lights and sockets. This enables us to quote you correctly, and for you to get exactly what you want. Most importantly, it allows you to know exactly what you are getting and what your money is being spent on. Furthermore, it gives you a basis to compare a like for like conversion.

“We don’t just build camper vans.... we build camper vans for YOU!!”

We offer 3 standard camper models across our camper range. All of our models can be fully personalised. The models represent a starting point for customers to recognise what they want. From here, we can develop your ideal camper to suit both your budget and your requirements. Over the years we have built campers for many different customers and end uses. There’s not much we haven’t done on VW Transporters. Another great benefit is that our advice comes from experience. Our job has been driven by our lifestyle. We do actually use the type of vehicles we build, we use them on a daily basis, and we know what works and what doesn’t. We have over 16 years experience.

When it comes to deciding on what camper is best suited to you, the first thing we recommend is to ask yourself a few questions; such as:

  • How do you use your van / how are you planning to use the van?
  • How frequently will the van be used and for what duration?
  • How many people does it need to seat and sleep?
  • What is the van’s primary use?
  • What equipment / appliances do you need for now & in the future?
  • What is your budget? And is this realistic?
  • What kind of storage space is required?
  • What kind of camping will you be doing? On-site camping / Free camping?
  • Any special requirements?

These questions may seem onerous, but it helps us to build a picture of what will be the perfect vehicle for you and ensures that we get it right for you. As an example, if you spend most of your time free camping your requirement for 12v power would be greater than that of someone who uses campsites with 240v hook up. Hence we may suggest increasing the number and size of the leisure batteries that we install. Similarly, if the van’s primary use is to ferry the kids around, you may require the seats to be on a sliding rail system so they are not sat in the back of the van all the time for 95% of the vans use. Or alternatively, if you only have £5K to spend, you’re not going to end up with what we call a ‘camper’, but more of a day van.

“The recognition of peoples’ different lifestyles and various requirements is why we offer a bespoke service.”

Our VW T6 camper Models

RHYTHM – Based on a Short Wheel based van this the sibling to the more popular TEMPO. This is the latest model packed with all the features you would expect but in a more compact package. This means a little less storage but a smaller, easier to park vehicle.

Conversion pricing start from £18,000 + VAT

View Rhythm photo gallery and specification

TEMPO – This is our most popular full camper conversion. Built on a LWB transporter, this model offers the best in internal storage, modern design and comfort. For those who want the best in terms of quality and functionality.

Prices start from £18,500 + VAT

View Tempo photo gallery and specification

MULTISPORT - A full camper conversion, with built in storage for your equipment. With room for cycling, kite-surfing, diving, skiing, climbing or para-gliding equipment (or something we have missed that fits). Gear is stored in a safe and secure compartment separate from the main living and sleeping areas. It suits so many that have a camper to help them access the outdoor activities they love. It’s a camper that can complement your lifestyle and the sports you participate in. The layout is only available on a long wheel bases version.

Prices start from £19,000 + VAT

View Multisport photo gallery and specification

CUSTOM ONE – Although we work hard on our standard designs to make then as good as they can be, we apricate you might not see exactly what you want. If this is the case, get in touch. We have made many custom campers based on transporters and can help you build your ideal vehicle.

Prices subject to spec.

View Custom One photo gallery and specification