Day Vans

A True Transformer – Van – MPV – Mini Bus – Car – Camper

Conversions based on what we consider to be ‘day vans’ are becoming more and more popular due to the practicality and functionality of these vehicles. Often a lot cheaper than full campers, they are the way forward for many. Day vans are great for people who use their van as their daily drive / workhorse, but also as their get-away vehicle for the weekend or holidays abroad.

We quite often have customers who come in with the mindset that they want a camper van; however, after some in depth discussions of how and what they want to use their vehicle for, we often find that a ‘day van’ is more suited to their needs & budget. “It’s all about what you want to get out of the vehicle and about having the choices to get the right conversion for you”.

Typical customers the ‘day van’ is suited to:

Family car / minibus - daily use of carting the kids to and from school and then used as the weekend camper van

The sports person - The equipment and toys you have often determine what type and size of vehicle you need. We can complement the vehicle to suit your requirements of how and what you want to use the vehicle for. We have the ideas, skills and the know-how of how to make it happen.

Works vehicle - whether it’s a joiners van, company car, works transport or mobile office - it appeals to many, as it can be tax beneficial, especially when looking at book depreciation, fuel, tax, insurance and personal allowances from a business point of view. And from a practical point of view, it can be a fantastic option depending on use and application.

Camper Day Vans

Caravelle / Multi Van

This conversion works on the basis of having full length rails that are fitted directly to the floor. VW floor rails run from front to back and offer a host of items to be attached to the rails, quickly and easily, without the need for tools. Whether it be a triple bed / seat system, kitchen pod, sleeper pack, single seats, multifunction table you can attach / de-attach items such as these in minutes. You can also be sure that once they have been slid in, they aren’t going to go anywhere, giving peace of mind for you, your family, friends or colleagues.

In Europe, VW produce a multi van which is a very popular model for many. Unfortunately this model is not available in the UK. However, we can create a multi van with the same rails and seating and give various other options to make it what you want.

“It can have everything that a camper has, but can also be removed in a matter of minutes to give you a van”

Having full length floor rails allows seats and other attachments to be mounted anywhere along these rails. This offers great flexibility for such things as carrying passengers with large loads or simply when you’ve had enough of the kids you can just push them towards the back of the van, out of the way!

The seats are available as singles, with or without swivel and also have armrests. Both have the ability to recline in various positions and can also fold flat with the base to allow for storage and movement of seats.

The triple seat has a non reclining back rest. It also has the ability for the back to fold forwards to meet the base and also folds backwards to make a flat bed platform. However (unless for children) an extension is needed to make a bed in the form of either 2 folded single seats or a rear sleeper pack which fits at the back of the triple. We would recommend the Caravelle sleeper pack. More information can be found on the sleeper pack by clicking here. Finally, all Caravelle seats have integral seatbelts, meaning that any travel position up and down the rails can be obtained.

We produce our own floor for the Caravelle rails as well as having the factory carpeted floors in stock too. Our floors take a lot of fitment, but leave you with a perfectly fitted hard floor which is easy to wipe out, extremely durable, non slip and available in various floor colours of your choice. Our floor is also fully insulated. The factory Caravelle carpeted floor mats always have cut outs for 2 side loading door steps, rear heater blower and a couple of bits for the Caravelle plastic trim. So unless you have a twin side loading door and rear heater blower, they tend not to be much good unless you patch them up, which is not something that we like to do.

We carry a large stock of Caravelle seats and rails, as we really do feel this is the way forward with the flexibility and increasing number of items that can be attached to the rails. Due to seat supply and stock changing on a weekly basis, please call for pricing.

Most customers who opt for this type of conversion also have their vehicle lined out along with various electrical and lighting modifications.

Caravelle Day Van

Sleeper Packs

The Sleeper Pack is designed to work in conjunction with the Caravelle triple seat / bed system or California bed system. 3 different sleeper packs are available

  • Caravelle full width – a full width unit, built to the height of the Caravelle seat with the mattress
  • California ¾ width unit built for the likes of a VW California model
  • California full width unit built for the likes of a VW Beach model All of the above units come complete with quick release fixings to fix into Caravelle / Multi Van / California floor rails, Light weight ply wood top, powder coated fame work, plastic foot guide tracks and a 2.5” top grade foam mattress trimmed in removable VW fabric, vinyl or custom fabric.
Camper Van sleeper packs

Kombi Conversions / Exploria Active

We can supply and fit factory VW T5 Kombi seating, which is fitted using factory VW floor fixings, in the factory positions and using the relevant reinforcing brackets where required (depending on chassis). Each seat has 4 floor fixings, regardless of whether it is a single, double or a triple seat. The floor brackets are a really neat bracket, which remains fixed in place after the seats are removed from the vehicle. Seatbelts are mounted to the sides of the vehicle, and we only use genuine VW seatbelts.

The T5 Kombi seats are available as a triple bench seat, 2+1 / double and single combination, or as individual double or single seats. The double and triple seats fold flat, allowing you to store items on top, when the seats are not in use. The triple will also pivot forwards when not in use giving you more load space. We have both UK and European spec seats, meaning that you can choose to have the double and/or single seat on either side of your vehicle. For example, many people find it more convenient to have the double seat fitted next to the side loading door if they are carrying long items, as it means the items don’t fall out when you open the door and your passengers don’t have to climb over things to get to their seat.

This is one of the most popular conversions that we offer, as it is a simple and cost effective way of turning your van into a multi-purpose vehicle. With quick release removable factory seats, your van can change from a utility vehicle to a people carrier in a matter of minutes.

Upon fitting of any seating, from Kombi seats to California seats, we always provide a certificate of fitting, which is becoming increasingly required by insurers.

If you are planning to have rear seating installed, you may also want to consider making it more comfortable for your rear passengers by adding windows (which can be tinted to maintain privacy in the rear), and also making it warmer and quieter by opting for a soundproof, insulate and line out in the rear. For more information and pricing, please take a look at our pages Windows and Line Outs.

Other pages you may find useful are: Kombi Beds, Leather Seats & OEM Seat Covers.

Guide Pricing

Please note that prices are subject to change depending on stock level and trim required.

  • Supply and fit 2+1 rear Kombi seats including seatbelts & floor fixings £1,400 + VAT
  • Supply and fit single rear Kombi seat including seatbelts & floor fixings £650 + VAT
  • Supply and fit double rear Kombi seat (LHS) including seatbelts & floor fixings £750 + VAT
  • Supply and fit double rear Kombi seat (RHS) including seatbelts & floor fixings £850 + VAT
  • Supply and fit triple rear Kombi seat including seatbelts & floor fixings £1,200 + VAT
Camper Conversion Kombi

Kombi Beds

We have now produced the Kombi Bed for over 7 years and it is proving more popular than ever. It allows you to have a full width rear bed, which is fully removable & yet still allows you to carry up to three rear passengers using your kombi rear seats. 100’s have been tried and tested, which is testament to how popular & versatile the bed is, giving you a true ‘multi-purpose’ vehicle. Here are its main advantages:

  • Designed for those who want more from a van
  • Easily installed for weekends away, whilst quickly removable for workdays
  • Easy to store; just four legs and one frame
  • Usable with VW T5 factory rear seats and Caddy factory seats
  • Suitable for both LWB and SWB Transporters, and Shuttles
  • Allows mass storage above and beneath
  • High quality foam allows comfortable full width sleeping
  • Acts as a parcel shelf to hide your possessions, whether it is bikes, windsurf equipment, tools etc.
  • Utilises existing floor fixings – no need to create new fixing points
  • Robust construction, built to last
  • High quality finish

Made in various factory and non factory upholstery from £825 + VAT

Read more on our Kombi Beds page.

Camper van kombi beds

Furniture & Kitchen Pods

We produce a range of furniture on site, which includes standard kitchen pods and custom made pods, built to your individual requirements.

Kitchen pods can offer great flexibility and can create a true dual purpose vehicle. The option of having removable furniture can allow your work/sports vehicle come people carrier to transform into a day van/camper when needed. They can also offer that versatility when they are in use; for example the pods can be moved from the kitchen into the awning to allow cooking outdoors. Another benefit is that you will also find kitchen pods cheaper than fitted furniture.

Here are a few key things to consider when looking at furniture pods:

  • Size – remember you will have to lift these in and out
  • Securing - units must be secured as they don't want to be launched about if you are ever involved in an accident
  • Power supply
  • Water supplies
  • Design and practicalities

Please note that our fixed furniture is not available as ‘supply only’, only the kitchen pods are available as supply only.

Day camper van kitchen pods

Caravelle / Multivan Kitchen Pods

These two pods are designed to be completely self-contained. They can work as a pair or individually and are designed to be located behind the driver and passenger seats although they can be fitted in other locations. They come complete with quick release fittings which allow them to be installed quickly and safely into the Caravelle floor rails. Other fitting options are available.

Multivan Fridge Unit – as the name suggests it has a fridge built in. The fridge is an Indel B 42L compressor fridge and there is storage above the fridge and a worktop space on top. The units have a 12v socket to the rear of the pod which can be linked to a 12v socket to the back of either driver or passenger seat. Easy grab handles make installation and removal of the unit very easy.
Cost of the above unit £890 + VAT

Multivan Sink Unit – again, as the name suggests the unit has its own fixed sink. It also has fresh water and waste water containers in the back of the unit, making it very practical for emptying and filling, but most importantly allowing the easy removal / installation of the unit. Water containers come complete with quick release fixings and water pump, which is wired to the 12v socket at the back of the unit. As with the fridge unit, grab handles make the unit easy to move around.
Cost of the above unit £750 + VAT

Cooker - Both above units can be supplied with a 1 burner portable gas hob and 6 refillable canisters at a cost of £30 + VAT

Hob and 6 refillable canisters at a cost of £30 + VAT


Camper van kitchen pods


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