Engine Mods & Tuning

We offer a wide range of performance products and services. In our opinion, it's not just about getting the most BHP or the best 0-60mph....it's more about improving the drive and also increasing the miles per gallon. Some modifications can even pay for themselves over time in fuel efficiency and savings on replacement parts.

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If you’re looking to change how your van drives, in any kind of way, whether it’s better performance or better economy, then please give us a call and we can offer a custom re-map to suit your requirements, specifically written to your vehicle. We know that every van is different, and that’s where our emphasis and expertise lie. We read the engine control unit of each van before creating a new software programme specific to your van, which is personalised for how you want it.

DPF Removal

Save yourself some money on potentially costly and frequent DPF repairs. We can remap your ECU and remove the Diesel Particulate Filter to open up the exhaust pipe and de-restrict gas flow. This could also save you money on fuel bills.

EGR Removal

Many race and track cars have the Exhaust Gas Recirculation software removed in order to enhance the performance and prevent future problems occurring. We can remap your ECU to disable the EGR software system and improve your van’s performance.

Prices start from £280 + VAT


We do a range of exhaust options; these can aid performance and add to the overall appearance. More can be found out about these on our Exhaust page.