Why Choose Indel B?

Exploria have been the main UK distributor & importer for Indel B refrigeration products since 2003. Indel B is a world leader in the production of direct current (DC) fridges and air conditioning devices for truck and motorhome market, serving both the OEM and the AFTERMARKET.

As well as an extensive product range, catering for all applications, here are some of the benefits of choosing an Indel B product:


  • No exhaust fumes are given out by Indel B refrigeration units, removing the risk of toxic gases entering into enclosed spaces such as in that of a motorhome.
  • No gas supply is needed, as all Indel B refrigeration units are 12v-24v reducing the risk of deadly gas leaks from leaking joints or ruptured pipes.
  • Improved efficiency, as many refrigerators such a s the majority of 3 way fridges require a manual switching (i.e from 12v to gas when not travelling). This allows for manual error which allows the fridge to stop working and food to become warm and in some cases unsafe to eat.

No Exterior Ventilation Needed

  • All indel B compressor fridges use Danfoss compressors which don't require exterior ventilation for: 1) removal of toxic exhaust fumes and; 2) ventilation to cool the compressor unit. The compressors are designed to give no toxic exhaust fumes and only require a small amount of ventilation for cooling (a fraction of ventilation required compared to that of most 3 way refrigerators). Internal ventilation is more than satisfactory.
  • The need to have no external ventilation means that there is no need for unattractive plastic vents to put into the side of vehicles. This not only reduces cosmetic problems but future rust and weather proofing problems as well.

Fitting Requirements

  • Fitting requirements are made easy since there is only the securing of the refrigeration unit and the connection of the 12v-24v power supply. (Obviously travel boxes don't even require fixing, depending upon application).
  • There is no need for external vents to be cut into the body of vehicles, nor the supply of 240v or gas connection.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Indel B refrigeration products give out no exhaust fumes, nor use any fuel such as gas. The absence of components which contain CFC makes Indel B refrigerators more environmentally friendly.
  • The compressor refrigerators are all suitable to be used in conjunction with solar panels, making the best use of renewable energy.


Indel B refrigerators have a one piece inner lining of hard, polished plastic. This is of food quality standard, and features well rounded corners for easy cleaning. This is especially important because unlike the fridge at home, automotive refrigerators may not be used for long periods of time, during which time the inside can become warm and if not thoroughly cleaned, turn into a breeding ground for bacteria.

Permanently 12v-24v

Indel B refrigeration products work permanently on 12v-24v. This means that there is no need to swap and change power source depending upon whether you are travelling, stationary or connected to the mains. This means that human error or forgetfulness is not an issue (i.e. forgetting to switch fridge over to gas when you pull up on site).

Range and Styles

Due to the way in which Indel B refrigerators are made, along with the use of Danfoss compressors, it is possible to make a wide variety of shapes and style of refrigeration units. This allows a much better range of designs to suit individual needs.

No Maintenance

No maintenance is required with Indel B refrigerators, just the occasional clean internally for hygiene purposes.

Danfoss Compressors


Danfoss Power

  • Independent of load variations
  • Energy savings
  • Reduced number of compressor starts
  • Prevents short cycling of the compressor
  • Battery protection
  • Soft start in warm climates

We are pleased to introduce a new electronic Danfoss BD 35F compressor into the Indel B range of refrigerators. This new Danfoss unit contains a new feature called Adaptive Energy Optimisation (AEO). It is very suitable for warm climates, systems with huge load variations and applications where energy is an important issue.

How Much Power Is Needed?

This is the most frequently asked question of all, and one of the most difficult to answer. There are many variables that determine the power consumption such as:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Internal set temperature on thermostat
  • Duration of operating time
  • Frequency of entry to refrigerator

Obviously all the above factors affect the measure of power required. All technical specification figures are given in watts/hour at a high ambient temperature of 32°C. We’re sure that you will find Indel B at the leading edge in power consumption.