Leather Seats

We have the largest range of leather seats for VW Transporters in the UK. Our leather range is unlimited, and we carry a large & varied stock of leather seats, along with the facility to create any design you require. We have an extensive range of designs where you can come and see/feel the quality of the leather & workmanship.

We have a dedicated seat display room with over 30 seats always on display. In addition, we also have an extensive photo gallery to help give you some ideas when selecting your design.

All the re-trimming of seats is done on site, using the best products, materials & tools available. This allows us to turn your vehicle around quickly and to ensure the re-trimming process meets our high standards. Although the re-trimming is done on site, we outsource the manufacture of the leather seats to an overseas manufacturer, as they can offer the best quality materials, attention to detail, widest selection of choice, best construction, quick turn-around time and good value for money. Although it would be nice to have it all done in house, we couldn't even get close to the quality of what we have produced overseas, not to mention the investment needed. Typically, we can have your seats turned around in a day, on the basis that the covers are in stock.

We can also trim various other vehicles and are just not limited to Volkswagen Transporters and Caddys.

Below are some important areas to consider when looking at leather seats:

Stitching - Using the right machines for the job and experienced machinists means that we can offer perfectly uniform stitch lines and stitch spacing, without any mishaps or stray stitch lines.

Safety - now that more vehicles have airbags built in, it is vitally important that where airbags are located, the stitching must split under load e.g. in the event of the airbag being deployed. To do this, seats need to be made with regulated and certified machines to ensure the correct function of an airbag.

Materials - the correct materials are essential to ensure long, trouble free function and aesthetics of your seats. This is to ensure that they do not become baggy, super shiny, worn before their time and ensures overall longevity. There is a great difference in grades of leather and many just aren't suitable for automotive use, as they just aren't durable enough or are too flexible. All of our leather is automotive grade leather. More importantly, when we say its leather - it is real leather. We don't produce seats that are only leather faced - they are always 100% leather.

Design - attention to the design is important and can play a particularly important role in the longevity and look of your seat. Extra stitch lines prevent the leather from stretching and can add to the overall appearance. Another example is that seam lines on hard wearing areas can also become troublesome. You can be confident that at Exploria we have the knowledge, experience & expertise to get it right for you.

Leather seat for camper van

Construction - All of our seats are made with high grade backing scrim and various supporting tapes to ensure that the quality is of the highest standard. All original plastics and original equipment are used to re-trim your seats, ensuring a perfect fit.

Colour choices - we have a wide range of leather colours, so whether you wish to have your seats wrapped in pink, black or a particular shade of grey, this is no problem for us to create.

Pricing - seats vary on price depending on the design, logos, stitching, and grade of leather. We have created a sample range to choose from, which gives you a starting point to work from and a ‘custom X model’ which enables you to create your own design and priced per specification.

Typical Leather Pricing

Cab Seats

2 x front single cab seats in leather £795 + VAT
2 + 1 front seats in leather £825 + VAT

Kombi / Shuttle Rear Seats

Rear 2 + 1 Seats £825 + VAT
Rear triple seat £825 + VAT
Rear double seat £595 + VAT

Caravelle / Multivan

Single rear seats (each) £450 + VAT
Rear triple bench £950 + VAT


Rear seat £875 + VAT
Rear mattress cover £180 + VAT

Typical Additional Costs

Bentley stitching / quilting or similar £40 + VAT per seat
Embroidered or embossed logos £40 + VAT per seat

As well as customising seats, we can also trim headlinings, A post pillars, door cards, sun visors, dashboards etc. Availability and pricing on request.

View Leather Seats photo gallery