Roof Monitors

We have various roof monitors from 10” to 18” these can be either standalone monitors that are controlled and powered from the vehicle stereo, or have inbuilt DVD / USB / connections. All of our roof monitors have Infer red transmitters allowing rear passengers to listen to audio wirelessly from IR headphones.

Our most popular screens are the 15.5” and 18” HDMI screens. These screens are the clearest best quality units we can find.

Pricing varies depending on vehicle, however typical pricing fitted would be:

15.5” £340 plus vat supplied and fitted
18” £395 plus vat supplied and fitted

Fitment to Caravelles would add an additional £60
Fitment to campers while in conversion £40

We have some clearance 15.4” screens old stock at £95 plus VAT supplied only

Seat Monitors

Here at Exploria we pride ourselves on being able to fulfil all of your entertainment requirements, even in vehicles that have previously had no obvious location to mount a rear entertainment monitor, like the VW California.

The factory designed system and layout on offer in a VW California does not currently offer a viable / convenient rear monitor solution.

Here at Exploria we can offer a tailored solution to this problem and we install a 15” LCD monitor into the driver’s seat back, providing a discreet screen solution for TV / DVD entertainment for rear passengers or for your viewing pleasure while on holiday in your vehicle.

This option offers complete user flexibility for example, “multi source” entertainment systems where one seat can display a movie, while the other can watch Freeview TV or play a games console such as Playstation. Another key benefit to the seat screen installation option is it has no adverse effect on interior / passenger space.

Seat mounted LCD screen in camper van