Seat Bed Systems

Exploria will only fit crash tested seats and bed systems if they are used for the purpose of seating occupants whilst travelling. We believe that safety is paramount when it comes to transporting your family and friends.

Of course, in the unfortunate case of an accident, fitting a crash tested seat / bed system isn’t infallible, but it does give you the reassurance that the seatbelts and seat should stand up to the forces exposed to them during a crash. Yes, the crash tested seat / bed systems are expensive, but what is the value of protecting yourself, friends and family? And besides this, in comparison, many household sofas cost far more than that and are made out of softwood, have no seatbelts, are mass produced and don't involve the expensive testing!

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER.... A crash tested bed system is only any good if it is fitted correctly.... we have seen plenty that aren’t..... Bed systems need to be fitted to chassis members and many of these need to be re-inforced depending on the type of van you have and the seat that is being installed.

Due to the various conversions we do here at Exploria we have a wide range of systems that we use. Unlike many other conversion companies, we don't just concentrate on one specific type of seat or bed because it's easy.....we use a multitude of manufacturers to give you the most appropriate one, suitable for the application or the conversion you require.

Types of bed systems fitted and typical guide prices:

* Please note that prices are often subject to change due to exchange rates, price rises and trim options but most importantly fitting and conversion options *

VW California Bed System + Sleeper Pack

The California bed system is one of our favourite seat/bed systems. It’s by far the best made unit, which offers a seating position at the right height and is super easy to use. It is fully removable to allow dual purpose use. You have the flexibility to place your rear passengers upfront or to the rear depending on who you’re carrying and what mood they’re in!!! Its fully crash tested to the highest standards.

The seat works with a rear parcel shelf (Bed section) which is fully removable to aid the dual purpose use. It features a nice in-built drawer with mass storage and 2 back rest seat positions. The only issue we have found with this bed system is that if you want a super comfortable bed, a mattress topper may be required. As far as we are concerned it’s the best & easiest system to use that has the best quality finish. The only down side is the cost...

VW California / Beach Bed System supplied only, including floor rails £3,200 + VAT
Exploria Sleeper Pack £410 + VAT
Fitting cost £300 + VAT

Please note that this bed system also requires the floor to be built to suit the rails - £550 + VAT

California Seat bed for camper van

VW Caravelle

The Caravelle triple seat / bed is a great option for those who need a 3 seater bed system and may also want the additional 2 single Caravelle seats in the rear. The seat is fully removable and like the VW California bed system, it can be positioned anywhere along the floor rails, giving the flexibility between load space and living area. It can fold neatly forwards when not in use; therefore saving space and it also folds backwards to make a bed platform. It also has a recline option, however this should only be used when the vehicle is stationery.

One convenient feature of the Caravelle bed is that it has a release mechanism on both the front and the rear, meaning you can easily move the bed from in front or behind it. Another great feature is that also has space for storage underneath. Whilst the Caravelle bed makes for a very comfortable rear seat, it isn’t the comfiest bed, due to the seatbelts & shaped foam etc. so we would always recommend a mattress topper. Unless you are very short, or children are using it, then you would also need a sleeper pack to give you the full length bed.

Prices start from £2,950 + VAT

Please note that this bed system also requires the floor to be built to suit the rails - £550 + VAT

Caravelle Seat bed for camper van

Triple Caravelle seat supplied only, including floor rails
Exploria Sleeper Pack £410 + VAT

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Schnierle Bed Systems

Schnierle are a German based company who produce excellent quality seating systems. We have access to their full range of seating products but mainly focus on the SL1 bed / seat system which is featured in our Surf model. We have chosen this bed system due to its slightly narrower width which suits our Surf model, as it requires larger units down the side due to for storage of equipment. The bed has unlimited reclining positions and is easy to turn into and bed. The unit sits at the right height for rear passengers and like the California, requires a rear sleeper pack which is often non-removable due to the type of conversion in which it is used. Due to the floor system used it can be fairly simple to remove although requires unbolting out of the bonded aluminium floor.

Both the SL1 and SL2 work on the same basis of a bonded M1 tested aluminium floor. The SL1 is more suited to the likes of a VW Transporter and the SL2 to bigger vehicles like the VW Crafter.

SL1 860mm Supplied and fitted £2,400 + VAT
SL2 1200mm Supplied and fitted £2,900 + VAT

Schnierle Seat bed for camper van

Reimo Variotech 333 Bed System

Reimo Seat bed for camper van

Similar to the tracking system that the California bed uses, the Variotech track system allows the position of the bed to be altered, giving you flexibility between load space and living area. It is also fully removable too. The seat has been tested and complies with the latest European standards (EU 76/115/ECC – 2005/41/EC) and is one of the only seats on the market which offers 3 seats with integral 3-point belts.

Available in various widths, in fixed & sliding options, and for seating 2 – 3 persons, we have the experience & knowledge of fitting these bed systems to ensure that we can advise you on the correct bed to suit your requirements and your conversion.

Whilst the Variotech 333 bed is top quality, comfortable and versatile, it is also quite costly.....

Prices start from £2,990 + VAT
Fitting costs from £350 + VAT

Smart Bed - Evolution

One of the more reasonably priced bed systems, but still fully tested to M1 Pull Test Certification 76/115/EEC/2005. This bed system offers a great affordable seat / bed system which now also features a recline system for rear passenger comfort. The seat is 1120mm wide and suitable for most conversions. The bed unit sits at a good travelling height. It’s super easy to transform from seat to bed.

Smart Bed Evolution £1,595 + VAT
Fitting cost £200 + VAT

Smart bed seat bed for camper van