Specialist Conversions

Often we are asked to undertake specialist builds, for various types of vehicles. These builds are often very unique and built for a variety of reasons and special purposes. The type of work ranges from adapting vehicles for disabled use, dog vans, promotional vehicles, specialised work vehicles, educational and entertainment vehicles, the list goes on. Here are just some examples of specialist conversions that we have undertaken.

VW T5 Sportline Driving Simulator Vehicle / Educational Vehicle for Emergency Services

Based on a VW T5 Sportline, the task was to create a vehicle to carry the latest state of the art driving simulator, with 3 large internal PC screens, a massive 55" rear TV offering viewing from the rear tailgate, state of the art PC software and a 14 speaker, fully amped Kenwood sound-system. All this housed in sleek, custom made Exploria bulkheads, lined with custom panels and wrapped in a stealthy looking matt vinyl with various decorative LED lighting to increase its overall aesthetics........ AND WHY - you might ask??

Specialist camper van conversion

Road traffic accidents (RTA’s) have seen a significant increase over recent years. The concept was to have an eye catching vehicle that creates an initial interest at various shows and meets, especially with the younger drivers. The idea is to target a range of drivers from the over confident, the naughty, the boy racer etc.......... and then to educate them. The driving simulator allows them to experience how poor / dangerous driving can lead to severe and fatal accidents. All whilst the rest of the crowd can witness the actions of the driver and their consequences on the large TV screen at the rear. It’s hoped that these vehicles will educate young drivers, reduce the number of RTA’s and ultimately save lives.

We were asked by the emergency services to make this vehicle better than anything they had seen before. They were very pleased with what we delivered and we are confident that it would take some beating to get a vehicle like this, in terms of looks and function.

Specialist camper van conversion

Mercedes Citan - Motability Vehicle

The brief was to give this new model; the Mercedes Citan a more sporty look. The aim was to achieve a mobility vehicle that was different to the rest of the mundane offerings in the current mobility market. We sourced and developed a body kit to transform the exterior of the Citan, as well as adding some larger alloy wheels. The interior panels were treated to a cosmetic upgrade with many panels transformed into carbon. The seats were re-upholstered in leather, with corporate logos on the seats and door cards. A Kenwood DAB Radio CD unit replaced the standard Mercedes stereo. All in all, the vehicle stood out from the crowd and we will see what the future holds for the ‘Citan on steroids’.

Mercedes Citan - Motability Vehicle conversion

Promotional Airstream Caravan for Sports Company

The purpose was to create a unique, eye catching vehicle for promotional work and to also act as a central hub for the team riders. The vehicle needed to provide a great social area, with unique custom interior styling, custom audio system, a huge 130 litres of refrigeration to ensure that there was enough beer/energy drinks?! to go around, a large panoramic sunroof, bespoke windows and custom wrap around sofa offering plenty of seating and an occasional sleeping area.

Promotional caravan

Band Bus for European Tours

Built for a rock band from Yorkshire, the requirement was to add additional seating and rear bunk beds to allow members to ‘get their heads down’ during a 5,000 mile tour around Europe. A simple sound and visual system with additional electrics were added to make the trip that little more enjoyable and comfortable.

Band Bus

Part Conversion of a New Type of Fire Fighting Vehicle

We were approached by a large vehicle conversion company to provide M1 Certified seating and flooring for small fire fighting vehicles. Rear seats were installed and a full bonded aluminium M1 tested floor to meet fire service approval. These were done to full Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) approval.

Band Bus

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Windsurf Test Vehicle

A VW T5 conversion designed for everyday use, whilst also providing storage for large & varied types of windsurfing equipment. Fully lined, sound-proofed and insulated this conversion included a custom made Kombi bed with sail storage down the sides and a full adjustable height shelf which can be used either for storage or sleeping on.

Windsurf Vehicle

VW T5 Dog Van Camper / Day Van

Built to accommodate 2 large Newfoundland rescue dogs, as well as being used as a daily drive and as a camper van for most weekends throughout the year. Includes an Exploria bespoke rear dog cage with access from the front and rear, complete with secure locks which allows the dogs to be safely left in the van with the rear tailgate open. Includes a plastic spray coat to the floor and sides ensuring a robust, waterproof and low maintenance area. Dedicated electrical system with large 3Kw inverter and 240v charging system to allow the drying of dogs.

Fitted with a Reimo elevating roof and Exploria roof bed, it offers sleeping facilities for two people, as well as providing rear standing height. Driver and passenger swivel bases make it comfortable seating for two. A great audio-media system means the dogs will never get bored! A Thule fixed awning, complete with LED awning/party lights (plus Dave’s mirror ball!) means dancing and howling all night long.

Exterior body kit so that the dogs could arrive in style. Overall, a cool looking, streetwise 4x4 to get out of those muddy campsites and fields.

Dog camper van

Bike Vehicles

Frequently we are asked to build vehicles to carry bikes. Whether it is for business or pleasure, we have an unlimited range of ideas and options available to create what you need.

Slipstream Cycles required a vehicle to carry road & track bikes, that didn’t involve having to strap them down, but be secure enough for travelling purposes without the risk of the bikes sustaining any damage during transit. The main requirement was to be able to access and store bikes safely, with the minimum of fuss and hassle. The exterior was also treated to lowered suspension, 20” alloy wheels, lower front valance, stainless steel side bars and an up-rated, amplified stereo system. The way the vehicle was converted also meant that it doubled up as a perfect showroom when out at events, shows and meets.

Slipstream cycle camper van

Wheelspin Cycles required a vehicle to carry both push bikes and an enduro motorbike, as well as carrying rear passengers in a safe, clean environment. Due to the size of the enduro bike, the van was built around this, bearing in mind that we also needed to fit in a rear double seat. We created and shaped a bulkhead that wrapped around the double seat and the motorbike. We made the entire rear area waterproof and washable due to the nature of the intended use. This also ensured that the travelling area for all passengers was clean and dry, with any unpleasant smells kept out. The travelling area was fully trimmed and additional LED lights and 12v sockets were also installed along with a Webasto diesel heater.

Wheelspin cycle camper van

BIKE Sportline Kombi Van used to transport 2 up and coming British Cycling stars of the future (and obviously all their equipment!) to race meets and training events. This Kombi was fitted with a VW bulkhead and fully lined out to make the vehicle nice and comfortable and as quiet as possible. Rear bike holders meant that the latest state of the art bikes could be transported safely without sustaining any damage. Additional LED lighting was added to help loading and unloading at night. Rear flip down roof monitor was added for passenger entertainment along with some additional rear speakers.

Cyclo cycle camper van

VW T5 Caravelle Adapted For Mobility Use

Adaptations to this Caravelle were made to make rear travelling more comfortable for wheelchair passengers. Due to the raised seating height in a wheel chair, we removed a section of the Caravelle’s headlining and then re-trimmed the raised area to match the rest of the vehicle. It required alterations to be made to the air conditioning ducting, ensuring full functionality was maintained. Other adaptations included adding an electric, slide out step to allow easier entry and exit from the vehicle.

Mobility camper van