Body Styling

Vehicle styling is not for all of us, but for many it can make a vehicle special, stylish, unique and individual. It’s really popular in the VW Transporter market and is a great way of showing off your individual style and expressing yourself! Some people aspire to the ‘factory look’ whereas others strive to be as different as possible; either way, at Exploria we can cater to your individual requirements.

We offer a wide range of styling products for the Transporter as well as some other vehicles. We stock and supply various body styling products from the likes of; ABT, VW, Hartmann and our own Exploria products. Whether you require colour coded bumpers, upgraded headlights, additional lights or such things as a roof painting in black, we can accommodate these requirements too. We offer a range of products to cater for different budgets and we also work on the fact that not everyone wants to be the same. Other styling options can also be found in this section such as exhausts, alloy wheels, and carbon dipping..

If you can’t find what you are after, give us a call because as we will most likely be able to source it, do it or have it in stock.

Things to Consider......

When looking at styling products, you will find that there are different materials used and more importantly, differences in the overall fit, finish and price.

ABS plastic – Is expensive to set up the initial moulds and usually requires large quantity production / high end price due to production costs and investment. The end result can be a great finish requiring little prep before painting and little clips and fixings can be moulded in easily. The main down side of using plastic is that it can shatter, especially in cold weather and if damaged, it is much more difficult to repair than GRP.

GRP fibreglass – Usually a lower cost product, due to the way it is manufactured and these manufacturing costs being on a small scale. The end finish can be as good as or better than the ABS plastic, and on the flip side it can be very poor if manufactured badly like many of the cheap products available on the net at very low prices. GRP is very strong and will flex to a point even when cold, and is easy to repair which can be good in some instances.

Fitment and finish of the product is everything in our opinion, especially if you want it to look like it has just rolled off the production line. Even the best made products can look bad if fitted with little thought or incorrectly mounted. We have had years of experience to get products to fit right using various techniques and methods to ensure that factory look.

Other Additions

We have a host of other styling options available from Vehicle wraps / vehicle graphics, headlight changes, to more subtle changes such as darkening light clusters or side repeaters. Please ring with your requirements.

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