A sound system that has a dedicated subwoofer will massively improve the overall listening experience and just because you have a subwoofer system it does not mean you want to be heard from three streets away! A well designed subwoofer system adds warmth and sonic detail to a sound system reproducing frequencies and detail that smaller full range door speakers cannot accurately reproduce simply because of their operating parameters.

In the world of subwoofer design one company stands head and shoulders above the rest. JL Audio is an American company with a 38 year history that was founded on the design and production of subwoofers. With many design patents and patents pending JL Audio have re-written the rules on subwoofer design and bass reproduction.

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Here at Exploria we have selected JL Audio as our subwoofer of choice because of its size, flexibility to work well within our system and price. The bass reproduction and musical clarity offered by this speaker system is both musical and powerful. That said it is unobtrusive with a clever Exploria designed mounting system that fits neatly under driver / passenger seats including swivel seat systems. We also offer “one box” subwoofer systems from Focal. Incorporating a built in amplifier and a twenty cm driver, this subwoofer system can be added to any head unit (even a factory fitted radio) to give an enormous improvement on sound quality by adding the low end response often lacking in factory fitted systems. This system is also small enough to be mounted under a seat.

We also offer subwoofers from Focal, Kenwood and Alpine.

subwoofer speakers for camper van

Focal P21 V2

21cm (8") Polyglass cone subwoofer. Subwoofer that features wide frequency response in the bass range in very small volume.

subwoofer speakers for camper van

JL 8W3v3-4

W3v3 8-inch Subwoofer Driver (250 W, 4 Ω)

If you need an 8-inch subwoofer that can create outstanding bass in extremely small enclosures, the 8W3v3 will do the job and surprise you with its power and accuracy. It employs the same technologies as its larger diameter brethren to deliver a whopping 0.375 in. (10 mm) of controlled, one-way, linear excursion.

The 8W3v3-4 is best used with amplifier power in the 75W - 250W range and is optimized to operate in a tiny 0.30 cu. ft. (8.5 l) sealed enclosure, or a 0.35 cu. ft. (9.9 l) ported enclosure. Detailed enclosure recommendations can be found in the "Specifications" tab.

subwoofer speakers for camper van