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At Exploria we lower vehicles for a wide range of reasons and it doesn’t just come down to looks. You would be surprised at the amount of customers that have their van lowered, just so that it will fit inside their garage at home or to get them into a car park that they need to use. Here are the pros and cons to lowering:

camper van suspension

The Pros:

Better handling - as vehicle roll is vastly reduced. Bearing in mind that vans are designed as commercial vehicles and that a high percentage need good ground clearance and to be capable of carrying large loads, so tend to sit high in the air to facilitate this.

Easier entry and exit – It’s surprising how much difference 40mm or more makes (most women would say it makes a massive difference!!) but it really does. Jumping in and out of various vans at work we can tell if a van’s been lowered or not just by simply getting in or out of it.

Better aesthetics - vehicles often look so much better when they sit lower to the floor – especially if they have had bigger wheels added.

Reduced vehicle height - gives better clearance for access into garages and car parks with height restrictions.

camper van suspension

Air Suspension

If you're wanting more than just springs or a coilover kit, please have a look at our Air Suspension page.

camper van air suspension

The Cons:

Harder ride - depending on how much the vehicle is lowered, it can give the vehicle a slightly harder ride which some people find uncomfortable. Done correctly, and on good quality springs the ride is not as hard.

Less ground clearance - depending on how much you lower the van, ground clearance can be an issue with curbs, speed bumps and those bumpy roads down to the beach. However, I must say that I have a T6 which has been lowered by 40mm and has a full body kit, and I have very few problems with ground clearance, which is put to the test on a daily basis to and from home, along our extremely bumpy pot-holed track!

Cost can be quite expensive - depending on how you lower your van and which products you use. At Exploria we lower 90% of T6’s on H&R 40mm springs. You can get this done cheaper by using non branded or cheaper makes of springs; however, from past experience; we have found problems with spring breakages, end ride heights and handling issues. Our advice would be to use great quality products such as H&R, as they offer high quality products, great warranties and have the biggest range of spring options to make your vehicle sit correctly. Often, as with many things, paying that little bit more saves you having to pay more in the long run.

There are three ways to lower your vehicle:

  • Lowering Springs – Replacing the factory springs with lowering springs. This is the cheapest option out of the three.
  • Coilover – Replacing both the springs and the struts. Coilover’s usually having the facility to adjust the height that your vehicle sits at within a certain range.
  • Air Suspension – Various air suspension options are available, some using springs and others without. This option tends to be the most expensive and the least popular option.

All mechanical work is carried out on site at Exploria by our own, full time VW Mastertech mechanic. All springs and coilover kits are available for all models of Transporter, Caravelle, California, Shuttle, including high payload versions such as T32, unless otherwise stated.

camper van suspension


Lowering Springs

H&R 40mm lowering springs - Supply only £195 + VAT
H&R 40mm lowering springs – Supplied & fitted £320 + VAT
H&R 50mm lowering springs - Supply only £215 + VAT
H&R 50mm lowering springs – Supplied & fitted £340 + VAT

Coilover Kits

Bilstein B14 Coilover kit with range from 30-50mm - Supply £950 + VAT
Bilstein B14 Coilover kit with range from 30-50mm – Supplied and fitted £1170 + VAT

4 Wheel Alignment

When having suspension work carried out it is a good idea to have wheel alignment checked. Exploria is able to offer 4 wheel laser alignment in house We would strongly recommend to have this performed after suspension work. This is just £75 + VAT

camper van suspension

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