When it comes to fitting tow bars, the most important thing you can do is to ensure that they are fitted properly. We are not talking about ensuring it’s bolted on correctly, that would be obvious. We are referring to the wiring of the towbars. These days vehicles work on a electrical CAN system and so it's imperative that towbars are wired correctly and programmed into the vehicle. This ensures that it will all work as it should, without creating various other electrical faults such as rear parking sensors being turned off when towing and bulb warning lights showing on the dials for the vehicle and trailer board. The only down side is that these wiring looms can be expensive and the time they take to fit is increased due to the various connections needed and programming into the ECU.

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Fixed Towbars

Westfalia swan neck would be our choice and this is the same unit that VW use when fitting them at factory. They are compatible with factory VW reversing sensors.

Supplied and fitted £400 + VAT

Fixed towbar for camper van

Removable Towbars

We use two types of removable towbars. This is dependent on whether one needs to work with a lower rear bumper valance or not.

Both of these Westfalia / Thule are fitted at the same price

Supplied and fitted £510 + VAT


Westfalia Fixed towbar for camper van


Thule Fixed towbar for camper van