Water Supply

As with most things, we can offer a range of water solutions to match your requirements. When it comes to water supply, the vast majority of the camper market tends to lean towards having what are effectively ‘jerry cans’, which sit inside your vehicle. Of course, this is perfectly fine for some people, but it can be a messy solution and the quantity of water that you can carry is quite limited. The other important thing to consider is the amount of space that the jerry cans take up, which is a key issue when space is at a premium, especially in a T5 or similar vehicle.

An alternative solution is to have an external, under vehicle water tank fitted, with up to 65 litre capacity. We can offer a range of T5 specific water tanks, even including an internal tank that fits inside the panel opposite the side loading door. These type of water tanks are excellent in terms of saving space, carrying a larger capacity & can have a discreet filling point with ‘no mess’ hozelock connection. Traditional filling options are also available.

We can supply a range of submersible pumps, of various outputs, suitable to your application. Showers are also a good option, on a retractable hose.....ideal for washing down dirty kit, dogs, children etc!

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Camper Van Water Supply