We fit a lot of windows and have done for many years now. 99% of all the windows we fit are genuine VW windows. In our opinion, they are the best finished and highest quality of glass available for the VW range of vehicles. Granted, they may not be the cheapest but they do look and fit the best. We have no financial benefit to fit either type of window and there is a misconception that VW windows don’t fit correctly - actually they do. If you do require aftermarket non branded VW glass we can supply and we will fit if required, but please read on and we will inform you of the differences.

VW vs. Aftermarket Glass – The Pro’s & Cons

VW Windows

  • The fit is perfect
  • The finish on the bevelled edges is perfect
  • The flatness of the glass as you look down the side of the van is perfect
  • The dot matrix (black edging around the window) is a few millimetres shy in the corners to cover steel edges; however if you are having a limo tint you don’t see this
  • We strongly recommend the windows to be tinted due to the dot matrix, as mentioned above
  • Factory tint is available but not always dark enough
  • The factory VW windows look much nicer and don’t leak, providing the seal is kept clean
  • With regards to the VW sliding windows, there is a level of skill involved in fitting them, which is why so many companies don’t like to fit them
VW camper van windows

Aftermarket Windows

  • The fit of the window is not always ideal in terms of cut and shape
  • The flatness of the glass can often be compromised i.e. when you look down the side of the van you can see ripples in the glass
  • The edges are not as well finished as VW glass
  • They have a larger dot matrix to cover all steel edges
  • The sliding windows have the inner window panel recessed in
  • Most sliding windows have a row of small holes drilled in the glass to allow water to drain away; however they are susceptible to leaking
  • The internal look of the sliding window is not as good as the VW glass and there are no locking positions

The Fitting

The cheapest is not always the best.....We have seen many vehicles in which the cheapest option has resulted in damage to vehicles and a poor overall fit, so do bear this in mind when deciding.

We guarantee all of our workmanship and each window is cut out by fully trained members of staff using a range of cutting tools which will not damage your van. “There is an art to getting it right” We pride ourselves on fitting windows just as you would get them out of the factory, with perfect spacing around the window and sitting the correct distance off the van. All cut edges are treated to prevent any future corrosion and the latest window sealants are used, offering you quick drying times and perfect bonding.

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VW camper van windows

The Finish

We were the first company in the UK to produce custom made window surrounds for the T5 and still produce them today. This offers a great finish, removing the need for the knock on rubber gasket or trying to stretch carpet around the edge. They look great, especially if your vehicle is lined out.

Window surrounds trimmed, supplied and fitted £45 + VAT each window (excluding tailgate)

Tailgate window surround trimmed, supplied and fitted £65 + VAT


VW Glass

Supply and fit T5 fixed VW window with limo tint £190 + VAT
Supply and fit T5 sliding VW window with limo tint £540 + VAT
Supply and fit T5 dummy VW window with limo tint £160 + VAT
Supply and fit T5 tailgate VW window with limo tint £295 + VAT
Supply and fit T5 twin rear door VW windows with limo tint £295 + VAT

Aftermarket Glass

Supply and fit T5 fixed window with limo tint £165 + VAT
Supply and fit T5 sliding window with limo tint £320 + VAT

Window Tints

Most of the windows we fit are tinted. We can buy tinted glass direct from VW but it doesn’t come with the benefits of the window film which is applied to the glass. Below are just some of the benefits of tinting your windows:

  • UV Protection – protects the vehicle’s interior from fading
  • Reduces glare
  • Keeps temperatures down, making it more comfortable for passengers & animals
  • Security – darker than the factory tint, so possessions are less visible to potential car thieves
  • Vision – whilst darker from the outside, passenger’s vision outwards is not affected
  • In the event of an accident the film will help to prevent glass from shattering everywhere

Factory VW glass is not dark enough for most people and is easy to see straight in, it doesn’t reduce the heat transferred and has little UV benefits. When retro fitting VW factory tinted glass, the overall finish isn’t perfect as the dot matrix around the corner isn’t big enough to cover steel corners. Whereas on our tinted VW glass this isn’t an issue.

Tinting Costs

Please note that the prices listed above for fitting VW windows includes the tinting costs. However, the prices listed below are for tinting un-tinted windows:

Side windows fixed glass £45 + VAT each
Side windows sliding £55 each + VAT
Tailgate glass £90 each + VAT
Twin door glass £45 each + VAT

Various shades of tints available.