Exploria is owned and run by husband and wife team; Graeme and Danielle Hirst.

Started by Graeme in 2002 as he struggled to find anyone to produce his own custom vehicles with the features and to the standard he wanted. At the time the van conversion market was nowhere near as crowded as it is today and Graeme has been driving Exploria to the forefront of the conversion world from the very start. Developing ideas and solving problems before anyone else.

Danielle joined the team when Exploria operated out of a small workshop where she would sit on a small wooden box to sort through paperwork. Having to move out of the way if timber needed cutting or large items were moved around! Since then she has been the invaluable better half to Graeme sharing in his knowledge, passion and drive for VW vehicles.

The rest of the team and the business has grown organically ever since. Now employing 15, Exploria is proud of the tight knit, hardworking, highly skilled team which creates our conversions. Each team member is as important as the next in delivering the very best conversions.

Involvement in vans is an extension of a lifestyle and participation in various sports. Whether this is using a vehicle to go windsurfing, mountain biking, snowboarding, motorbiking or boating. Exploria vehicles are not just limited to leisure. They are used for work,  household jobs such as collecting logs, shopping and much much more! This is why the Exploria team understands the needs of their customers and produces custom vehicles that are practical, functional, comfortable and stylish.

Over the years we have attained a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure we 'get it right' regardless of the products or conversion you require. Most importantly, we have created a very knowledgeable, skilful, passionate team that is at the core of everything we do. It is this team that is vital to the conversions we produce. We believe this has been the key to our success and certainly attributed to the rapid growth of the company. The staff have a passion for the work they do. The majority of them all own transporters and all have first-hand experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn't. They also use them as daily drives and are always out and about camping in their spare time.

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The great thing about producing ‘lifestyle’ vehicles is that we have a lot in common with our customers. So it's no surprise that a lot of our customers are our best friends who we actively see and spend time with pursuing our interests in outdoor life and sports.