VW 2 Seater Sliding Bed System

The California bed system is one of our favourite seat/bed systems. It’s by far the best made unit, which offers a seating position at the right height and is super easy to use. It is fully removable to allow dual purpose use. You have the flexibility to place your rear passengers upfront or to the rear, depending on who you’re carrying (and what mood they’re in!) It's fully crash tested to the highest standards.

The seat works with a rear sleeper pack. When the seat reclines down into a bed, the sleep pack creates enough length for the bed. This creates a parcel shelf (bed section) which is fully removable to aid the dual purpose use.

The seat features a nice in-built drawer with massive storage and 2 backrest seat positions. We have found that this bed system can be made super comfortable by adding a mattress topper. As far as we are concerned it’s the easiest system to use and has the best quality finish.

  • VW California / Beach Bed System supplied only

    £4150 +VAT
    Includes floor rails
  • Exploria Sleeper Pack

    £410 +VAT
  • Fitting cost

    £300 +VAT
  • Bed system also requires the floor to be built to suit the rails

    £550 +VAT

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