Wow, look at that screen!

A roof monitor is a regular talking point in our demo vehicles and catches a lot of people's attention.
This is a popular upgrade for a lot of clients.

Exploria has installed a large array of all types of monitors and screens over the years. Now, Exploria focuses on installing the brilliant 18” Ampire roof monitors.

These monitors can be stand alone items with HDMI and USB input. Sound is then transmitted to a head unit via FM signal for factory unit, or AUX input for aftermarket. The monitor can also be heard through Infrared headphones; allowing rear passengers to listen in, while front cab passengers have the stereo on and are listening to other audio.

If installed as part of an Alpine stereo system, HDMI pictures can be streamed on both the stereo screen and the roof monitor, with supporting apps and files. Sounds can come out of the stereo system. For USB input with an Alpine stereo, image appears just on the roof monitor and sound can come through auxiliary input.

  • 18” supplied and fitted

    £395 +VAT
  • Fitment to Caravelles additional cost

    £60 +VAT
  • Fitment to campers while in conversion

    £40 +VAT

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