Exploria have specialised in Volkswagen Transporter seats for years.
It would be fair to say there isn’t much we don’t know about Transporter seats.

We carry a vast amount of seats in stock and have access to various sources of supply. In the unlikely event that we don’t have it in our own stock, we can normally find it for you. We generally deal in new / nearly new seating.

We do all manner of VW seating and also have our own swivels produced in Germany.

Our VW swivels are the best quality and easiest to operate on the market.

For more details of the specific seats we supply see the tabs below:

Regardless of what size van you have, many people can often find it a little lacking in space and sometimes a little claustrophobic. One great option is to add swivel bases to the front seats, which then opens up the cab space into the rear of the van. Let’s face it; the cab seats are usually the most comfortable, so you might as well use them while you’re relaxing in your vehicle.

Regardless of which van you have, there are swivel bases to suit most. The most important thing is choosing a safe swivel. In the unfortunate case that you find yourself in an accident, you don’t want to be flying through the windscreen attached to your seat. The other important factor is choosing a swivel that doesn’t rattle, as it’s those little squeaks and rattles as you’re driving along that can drive you insane!

After many years of fitting various swivel bases, we have a particular German made swivel base, which is fully TUV approved, rattle free and most importantly, fully crash tested. They are also fully serviceable, so in the event of a squeak appearing it’s easy to sort.

Exploria have our swivel bases manufactured in German to our specification. We have gone to this length due to, not being happy with any other of the other swivels available on the market.

Exploria swivels are low profile only adding around 25mm to the overall seat height. Maintaining a comfortable seating and driving position. Rise and fall adjust on a factory seat can also be used once the swivel is installed.

The clearance under the seat base is reduced slightly so this does need checking if you have items installed or are thinking off putting such items chargers and a leisure battery into this space. There is still plenty of room and we do regularly install 110Ah leisure batteries, DC to Dc chargers and other audio items like sub-woofer under our swivels. They just need to be in the correct size and in the right layout.

With eccentric pivot point Exploria swivels are easy to operate. This makes it possible to turn the seats without crashing into B-pillars and causing any damage to seat or pillar plastics. With minimal practise you will be an expert in no time and swivelling the seats round in one turn with no problems.

The swivels are secure and don’t give that disconcerting rocking which can be experienced on other brands swivels.

The central pivot point is adjustable if needed. Generally, though we find these are a fit and forget item which will keep performing for years and years with no issues.

For safety reasons the swivel will only lock into position when in the driving position facing the front of the vehicle.

Exploria VW Transporter swivels are not handed so fit either the drivers or passenger’s side.

To install the factory seat is removed from the factory base. The swivel is then turned though 45 degrees before install. The swivel is then bolted on top of the factory base with the provided bolts. The front threaded studs on the factory base will then stick proud of the swivel and prevent the swivel turning. This means the install required these studs to be trimmed flush with the base. This is the same on the passengers and driver’s side.

On the driver’s side the handbrake needs to be lowered to allow the swivels to pass over the top when the handbrake is in the off position. A handbrake adapter bracket can be used but this is not a neat solution. It isn’t something we would recommend or want to supply or install. In our workshop we remove the factory handbrake mount and reweld it back on at the bottom of the base. We then tighten the handbrake, trim the plastics to suit and line the side of the seat base to finish of nice and neatly. Once completed it is hard to spot the modification to the untrained eye.


For the rear seat base plastic trim panels to fit with the swivels, we trim away the top edge so they tuck neatly under the rear of the swivels base plate.

  • Supply only

    £220 +vat
  • Fitted passengers

    £245 +vat
  • Drivers

    £285 +vat
    including lowering of handbrake
  • Supply & fit swivel base to double passengers seat

    £410 +vat

To fit T5/T6 driver or passenger seats from 2003 onwards
Designed to allow cables for heated seats, airbags, seat sensors etc.
Complete with all fixings and very easy to fit
Height approximately 2.5cm

To fit Mercedes Sprinter & VW Crafter models from 2006 onwards
Complete with all fixings & very easy to fit
Height approximately 2.5cm

  • Supply only

    £179 +VAT

To fit the above models from 2006 onwards
Complete with all fixings & very easy to fit
Height approximately 2.5cm

  • Supply only

    £179 +VAT

We specialise in the supply and fitment of genuine VW armrests, which can be fitted to various seats. The most popular request is to add armrests to single front cab seats, turning them into ‘captain seats’. This is done by fitting an adaptor bracket, which has been custom made by Exploria and allows the armrests to be fitted to the seat. The bracket is not seen and gives a factory fit look. We have designed brackets for pre 2010 T5, post 2010 T5 and T6 seats, so please inform us of the year of your vehicle when ordering.

We carry a wide range of factory OEM seat covers in most trim patterns, for front and rear seats.

These can be supplied only or supplied and fitted. For pricing and availability, please get in touch with your requirements. You may also find our OEM upholstery page useful.

We carry a wide range of factory OEM seat covers in most trim patterns, for front and rear seats. These can be supplied only or supplied and fitted. For pricing and availability, please call with your requirements. You may also find our OEM upholstery page useful.

We cover a wide range of Transporter, Shuttle and Kombi seats.

Whether you need simple supply, or all the way through to fitting, we've got you covered. Please see the 'Kombi Conversion' page for more information.

We can supply and fit rear 2+1 seats for a Caddy, to turn it into a Caddy Life / Caddy Kombi. It is not the simplest or cheapest job to undertake, as it is labour intensive due to the floor plan needing alterations and new sections needing welding and bonding in place. We have undertaken many of the Caddy seat installations.

  • Supplied and fitted

    £1350 +VAT
    Please note that when undertaking this conversion, you will also need to consider having a new Caddy carpeted floor mat, B post plastics & side loading door sill plastics to give that factory look / finish.
  • Price for additional items

    £650 +VAT
    *prices may vary slightly depending on the make and model of the van

Caravelle seats work on a smooth, sliding rail system and offer various seating configurations and comfortable, luxury seating. These seats are fully removable giving you the option to use your van as a people carrier when required, or simply as a van.

Single seats have integrated seatbelts, arm rests & the function to swivel (only 2 swivel in a set of 4)

The triple seat

Caravelle seats are usually sold in sets of 4 x single seats or 2 x single seats with a triple seat.

We can supply and fit factory and crash tested, aftermarket seats for the Mercedes Sprinter / VW Crafter. Please take a look at our Aftermarket Seating page.

Due to the ever-changing cost and availability of these seats please get in touch with your requirements.

Custom leather is becoming a big part of what we do these days. We offer an unlimited range of designs and colour choices, and the quality we offer is second to none. Seats are produced using the latest machines and technology, such things as certified airbag stitching is not a problem for us.

As well as re-trimming seats in leather, we can also re-trim in various VW fabrics. We carry a large stock of OEM factory made seat covers, available in supply only or supply and fit. In many cases, we can re-trim your seats whilst you wait.

Swivel bases and armrests / armrest kits are some of the most popular add-ons we do. We carry huge stocks of these items and supply both to retail and trade.

Make an enquiry about seating

If you have a specific idea and want to bring it to life, why not speak to our team to discuss all your conversion needs?