Custom Caravelle conversions to Kombi and Panel Vans

This is one of Exploria's most popular high end conversions. Based around the fantastic VW Sliding Seat System found in the factory Caravelle multi-purpose vehicles.

This conversion works on the basis of having full length rails that are fitted directly to the floor. VW floor rails similar to that found in the factory caravelle and california beach models, run from front to back. These rails allow a  triple bed/seat system, sleeper pack, single seats and a multifunction table all to be added or removed from the van. You can also be sure that once they have been slid in, they aren’t going to go anywhere, giving peace of mind for you, your family, friends or colleagues.

In Europe, VW produces a multi van which is a very popular model for many. Unfortunately, this model is not available in the UK. However, we can create a multi van with the same rails and seating and give various other options to make it what you want.

This system is also very similar to that which is found in a VW California beach with a 3 seater seat/bed.

Having full length floor rails allows seats and other attachments to be mounted anywhere along these rails. This offers great flexibility for such things as carrying passengers with large loads, or simply when you’ve had enough of the kids you can just push them towards the back of the van, out of the way!

We produce our own floor for the Caravelle rails as well as having the factory carpeted floors in stock too. Our floors take a lot of fitment but leave you with a perfectly fitted hard floor which is easy to wipe out, extremely durable, non-slip and available in various floor colours of your choice. Our floor is also fully insulated. The factory Caravelle carpeted floor mats always have cutouts for 2 side loading doorsteps, rear heater blower and a couple of bits for the Caravelle plastic trim. So, unless you have a twin side loading door and rear heater blower, they tend not to be much good unless you patch them up, which is not something that we like to do.

We carry a large stock of Caravelle seats and rails, as we really do feel this is the way forward with the flexibility and increasing number of items that can be attached to the rails. Due to seat supply and stock changing on a weekly basis, please call for pricing.

Most customers who opt for this type of conversion also have their vehicle lined out along with various electrical and lighting modifications.

The seats are available as singles, with or without swivel, and also have armrests. Both have the ability to recline in various positions and can also fold flat with the base to allow for storage and movement of seats.

The triple seat has the ability for the back to fold forwards to meet the base and also folds backwards to make a flat bed platform. However, (unless for children) an extension is needed to make a bed in the form of either 2 folded single seats or a rear sleeper pack, which fits at the back of the triple. We would recommend the Caravelle sleeper pack. Finally, all Caravelle seats have integral seatbelts, meaning that any travel position up and down the rails can be obtained.

The sleeper pack is designed to work in conjunction with the Caravelle triple/seat system. This is, in effect, an extra platform to put up next to the reclined triple seat to give enough length to the bed.

We custom make our own sleeper pack to suit your specific vehicle's specification.We also produce our own Exploria mattress topper to fit over the Caravelle seats for that extra level of comfort, if required.

We find that most Caravelle conversions fall into two main types. 

Firstly, conversion design predominated for carrying people. Configured mostly as large luxury cars, this type of conversion normally includes the full set of Caravelle seats, 2 singles, a triple and a table. These conversions are often for carrying colleagues and families around as daily transport, but also for longer trips where extra comfort is paramount. This sort of conversion often features high end audio media systems, auxiliary heaters, body styling and leather upholstery. For a Caravelle conversion to accept the popular Caravelle multifunction table, a full set of Caravelle rails is required. This consists of 2 single outer and 2 double middle rails. The table runs on the inner channel of the double middle rails.

Similar to our active van conversion, but with the added flexibility of a moveable rear seat. 

This is ideal for people who don't need a large boot space and value a large living area.

Exploria is able to add the Caravelle sliding seat system to a Kombi or Panel Van. This is also available on both long and short wheelbase vans, with specific rails fitted to suit the length of the vehicle.

Pricing varies dramatically depending on the level of finish you are looking for. Starting price for a Caravelle system, with flooring to suit, is from around £5000+VAT, but please call for up to date stock levels and pricing.

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