Exploria offers a custom-built, bespoke service from start to finish.

Building the highest quality conversion to best suit our customers' specific wants and needs. All conversions start with an idea and aspiration of what is wanted, how the van will be used, and what you want to spend.

To help, we have several standard layouts which have been designed, developed and evolved into the
well thought out, high quality, particle and ergonomic conversions we build today.

When it comes to you deciding what sort of conversion best suits you, we like to start by asking some questions:

  • How do you use your van, or how are you planning on using it?
  • How frequently will the van be used and for what duration?
  • How many people does it need to seat and/or sleep?
  • What is the van’s primary use?
  • What equipment/appliances do you need for now & in the future?
  • What is your budget? And is this realistic?
  • What kind of storage space is required?
  • What kind of camping will you be doing? On-site camping / free camping?
  • Any special or specific requirements?

“The recognition of peoples’ different lifestyles and various requirements is why we offer a bespoke service.”

An Exploria camper is truly your home away from home.

Campers are what Exploria would class as being a van fitted out with built-in furniture, cooking appliances, a built-in fridge, rear seat bed system and elevating roof. Exploria campers would have gas, water and electric services included as part of the conversion.

Typical Exploria conversions start from around £19,000+VAT on a SWB Kombi Transporter, including the minimum standard features Exploria sees as necessary to build a nice, functional Exploria camper conversion. It is worth noting Exploria’s base quote is higher than many others' high level of conversion. This is due to the level of components we install and how we fit them.

As standard we include:

  • Full soundproofing and insulation
  • New Exploria ply Lining
  • Non-stretch high quality carpet lining
  • Reimo Elevating roof colour coded to the vehicle
  • Exploria roof bed
  • Exploria custom furniture with large colour choice
  • VW Sliding seat system with fabric upholstery
  • Table to suit seat bed
  • One piece ply floor with Altro covering.
  • Front swivels to single seats
  • Sink
  • Underfloor large water tanks
  • 2 burner hob
  • Gas safe locker for gas bottle
  • LED roof spots.
  • Curtains to 2 side windows and tailgate
  • 130Ah leisure battery
  • 240v EHU hook up system

Common upgrades/extras:

  • Webasto airtop heater
  • Window tints
  • Rear quarter windows
  • Gas oven grill or microwave oven
  • Awning rail or cassette awning
  • Extra Security - tracker or immobiliser
  • Additional leisure battery
  • Solar panel

Luxury extras:

  • Leather upholstery
  • Upgraded roof lining material
  • Solid surface worktop and table top
  • Upgraded furniture laminate
  • Surround lighting
  • Extra cab soundproofing
  • Upgraded audio
  • 20” alloy wheels
  • Lowered suspension or VB Air
  • Body styling

Have a look at our Camper Conversion pages for more info on our layouts.

Interested in customising your Kombi?

Works to VW Transporter Kombis are very popular and create some of the most versatile vehicles. Conversions can range from simply lining out a vehicle to make it a lot quieter, warmer and more car-like for daily or business use, through to adding features like electrical systems, heater, audio equipment, elevating roofs, and Kombi Beds.

Maybe the ultimate Kombi conversion is the Exploria active van. This can give all the sleeping and camping abilities of a fully camper but the flexibility of a van or large car. An active van can be customised to suit your needs and could be with or without an elevating roof, depending on what is wanted.

A Kombi Conversion can range massively in price, from around £2500+VAT to up to £20000 +VAT, or even higher if you want to go all out on styling, suspension and audio media.

This means it is one of the most customisable types of conversions Exploria can offer.

The VW sliding seat system is a great option.

This is a very popular and versatile conversion which involves adding the Caravelle seating system to a Kombi or panel van.

Whether you are wanting a high end luxury people carrier, or a van with a full width bed. The sliding seat system out of a Caravelle can be a brilliant solution.

With an array of seats and options available, Exploria are experts in this kind of conversion. Typically a Caravelle seats system, including a suitable floor, would start from around £5000+VAT.

Factory Caravelle conversions

Although the above is talking about adding Caravelle features to other types of Transporter vans, we
also perform works to factory built Caravelles.

These can include:

  • Audio media
  • Elevating roof installations - Exploria are one of the very few companies able to offer this
  • Window tinting
  • Sleeper packs
  • Soundproofing and insulation
  • Styling
  • Suspension

We are vastly experienced in upgrading factory VW California campers.

Exploria can offer a range of upgrades to California Ocean and Beach models. Some of the most popular upgrades are Webasto Diesel heaters, Audio Media and Leather Upholstery, to name a few.

Upgrades available for Factory VW California Campers :

  • Leisure battery upgrades
  • Solar panels
  • Cassette awning
  • Stereo upgrades
  • Body styling
  • Alloy wheel upgrades
  • VB air suspension
  • Webasto diesel heaters
  • Leather upholstery
  • Additional seating

Exploria are excited to be able to offer conversions on the increasingly popular VW Crafter and MAN TGE vans.

Driven by a strong demand from our existing customer base we have being developing larger van conversion for the last 4-5 year starting from our 21 plus years of Transporter conversion experience.

Our clients love their Transporter’s and come back to us for the Exploria build quality, custom options and configurations that work.

The desire for a larger vehicle is driven by the need for some extra living and storage space, additional off grid capabilities and the extra freedom this gives.

These bigger vans give the space required to create a multifunctional, self-sufficient vehicle. Large water capacity with plentiful hot water for a built-in shower with built in toilet facilities too.

Safe and large enough for mountain bikes, motorbikes, surf boards, kite surfing gear and more these vehicles are more an extension of a lifestyle than simply a campervan or motorhome.

While our clients demand a focus on their outdoor equipment for their various hobbies, they also want a living spacious which is a more in line with a luxury holiday home than a basic campsite.

These critical requirement have enabled Exploria to focus our development on specific feature and layouts which we know work and suit the size and abilities of these great vans.

The Multisport II is a great option for many and is available in 3 length of vehichle.