Want to make your VW Transporter a head-turner or look less 'van' like?

Exploria can help you with however you want to customise the exterior of your van.

Vehicle styling is not for everyone, but for many, it can make a vehicle special. It’s really popular in the VW Transporter market and is a great way of showing off your individual style and expressing yourself! Some people aspire to the ‘factory look’ whereas others strive to be as different as possible. Either way, at Exploria we can cater to your individual requirements.

We offer a wide range of styling products for the Transporter T6 and T6.1 models. We stock and supply various body styling products from ABT and VW, as well as our own Exploria products. Whether you require paint detailing, spoilers, painted badges or full body kits, we can accommodate these requirements. We offer a range of products for different budgets and we also work on the fact that not everyone wants to be the same. Other styling options can be found in this section, such as exhausts, alloy wheels, and painted calipers.

T6.1 Front Spoiler Options

The look of the latest T6.1 models can be dramatically changed and improved with the addition of a front body kit.

ABT Front for T6.1

In our opinion, the best option is the ABT front lower spoiler. This ABS plastic body kit is well fitting and strong. This means it paints well and looks as factory-like as possible. We even have the option to blend the spoiler to the factory spoiler to give that one piece look.

Other Brand T6.1 front spoiler options

As well as ABT we have options from Leighton vans, VW and lower cost fibre glass units. We can even supply and fit simple under bumper splitters as a cheap and straight forward way of lifting the look of your van.

More details and images available on request.

  • T6.1 ABT Front Skirt

    £1250 +vat
  • T6.1 ABT Front Skirt with Contrasting Colour Section

    £1350 +vat
  • T6.1 ABT Front Grill

    £385 +vat

T6 Front Spoiler Options

ABT and VW

For the T6, the best fit and finish come from using the ABT front spoiler or the genuine VW sportline front spoiler.

Both items are ABS plastic so offer the best durability and longevity.

  • T6 ABT Front Skirt

    £1075 +vat
  • T6 ABT Front Skirt with Contrasting Colour Section

    £1175 +vat
  • T6 ABT Front Grill

    £350 +vat
  • VW T6 Front Spoiler

    £695 +vat
    White, Black, Silver or Red
  • VW T6 Front Spoiler

    £795 +vat
    All other colours except Onyx White

Side Bars

Side bars are one of our most popular styling upgrades. As a single upgrade they are a relatively cost effective way to add some extra interest to your van. 20” wheels, lowered suspension and side bars are a very common styling combo!

Bars can also look great with a front spoiler only, or as part of a full body kit.

To get the best light out of your side bars we recommend teaming with mud flaps as they can be prone to stone chips, especially on the front edges as road debris gets flicked up from the front wheels.

We offer 2 types of side bars, round and trapezoid. These come in 2 finishes; black or chrome and are available for long or SWB vehicles.

Side bars still allow access to factory jacking points.

  • Exploria Side Bars in Stainless Steel

    £295 +vat
  • Exploria Side Bars in Black

    £335 +vat
  • Exploria Side Bars in a custom colour

    £455 +vat

Side Skirts

Exploria regularly fit side skirts for the full body kit look when installing front and rear ABT styling.

ABT produces their own side skirts which can supply and fit. In addition to this, we have developed our own side skirts which are a single section that runs down the sill of the vehicle. These are ideally suited to ABT styling and come in at a fraction of the cost.

Factory jack points can be accessed on a workshop ramp or with a bottle jack. Access with trolley or scissor jacks can be problematic with clearance when side skirts are installed.

  • T6 ABT Side Skirts

    £720 +vat
  • T6 Exploria Side Skirts

    £390 +vat
  • T6.1 ABT Side Skirts

    £925 +vat
  • T6.1 Exploria Side Skirts

    £390 +vat

ABT Rear Styling

ABT styling is the best option for the T6.1. There are however 2 options, as the bumper shape is still suitable for the T6 ABT rear spoiler and the T6 spoiler.

The T6.1 rear bumper is a full, rear bumper and is produced with dummy exhaust tips to suit. 



  • T6.1 ABT Rear Skirt with Dummy Exhaust

    £1550 +vat
  • T6.1 ABT Rear Skirt with contrasting colour selection with Dummy Exhaust

    £1650 +vat
  • T6 ABT Rear Lower skirt

    £1075 +vat
    (Suitable for T6.1 with genuine twin exhuast system)
  • T6 ABT Rear Lower skirt with contrasting colour selection

    £1175 +vat
    (Suitable for T6.1 with genuine twin exhuast system)


The ABT T6 rear spoiler is an addition to the factory bumper and has cut outs for a twin exhaust system. This means that a genuine twin exhaust can be fitted with this rear spoiler.


  • T6 ABT Rear Lower Skirt

    £1075 +vat
  • T6 ABT Rear Lower Skirt with contrasting colour selection

    £1175 +vat


Exploria prefers the look and fit of the VW style roof spoilers. Their sleek style is a simple and effective addition to any Transporter T6 or T6.1.

The VW spoiler profile doesn't add any height to the vehicle like others do, so you don't have to worry when it comes to car park height clearance barriers.

Available for Tailgate and Twin Rear Doors

T6/T6.1 spoilers

  • VW T6/T6.1 rear roof spoiler for Tailgate

    £375 +vat
    White, Black or silver
  • VW T6/T6.1 rear roof spoiler for Tailgate

    £475 +vat
    All other colours except Onyx White
  • VW T6/T6.1 rear roof spoiler for Twin Rear Doors

    £395 +vat
    White, Black or silver
  • VW T6/T6.1 rear roof spoiler for Twin Rear Doors

    £495 +vat
    All other colours except Onyx White
  • T6/T6.1 ABT Rear Roof Spoiler for Tailgate

    £390 +vat


Custom painting or upgrading to gloss black grilles is a great way to lift the look of any van. It looks smart and stylish as a stand alone upgrade, or a needed finishing touch when part of the full styling package.

You will notice gloss grilles and body plastic are a way that high end car brands lift the look of their cars without adding any extra body styling. It really is an effective upgrade.


For the latest T6.1 there are a number of sections to the factory grille.

Upper grille, upper thin chrome strip, upper grille thick chrome strip, lower grille and lower grille strip.

At Exploria we can completely customise the grille to suit what you like; this might be changing it all to gloss black for a more stealth look, or adding a splash of colour.

ABT Grille

In addition to a gloss black grille we can add the ABT grille which fits in conjunction with your factory grill. This can also be custom painted to suit any colour preferences you might have.


Much like the T6.1, the factory grilles come in a number of sections. These can be fully customised to suit your preferences. 

  • T6 ABT Front Grill

    £350 +vat
  • T6.1 ABT Front Grill

    £385 +vat
  • T6.1 ABT Front Grill with contrasting colour to ABT Grill Strips

    £450 +vat

VW Badges

The striking Chrome VW badges are marmite to many. But love them or hate them, we can help. If you are opting for other custom painting we can keep badges as factory finished or we can change them to a colour or finish of your choice.

Popular options are black (gloss or satin), body coloured or carbon effect.

  • Gloss Black Front and Rear VW Badges

    £60 +vat
  • Carbon Effect front and rear VW Badges

    £60 +vat
  • Custom Painted VW badges

    £120 +vat

Other Badges

The new T6.1 has Transporter side badges on the front wings which wrap around the side repeater indicators. These can be painted gloss black or another colour as part of your custom styling works.

Removing the rear model and engine badges is also a popular option for a cleaner look. This process is known as de-badging and is followed with polishing to the area where the badges were - it looks like they were never there.

  • Painting to Transporter badges on T6.1 wings

    £95 +vat
    (next to side repeater indicators)
  • De-Badging Vehicle and polish

    £35 +vat

Custom Painting

Custom painting is often an overlooked aspect of styling. It can be the finishing details to a full styling package or it can be a stand alone feature which completely alters the look of your van.

Popular items to paint are:

  • Wingmirror surrounds
  • T6.1 Aerial Covers
  • Individual grill parts
  • Wing mirror cover caps

Wing Mirror Surrounds

  • Paint to around wing mirrors

    £260 +vat
    Triangle section on door, glass surround and lower cover cap

T6 Grills

  • Paint to upper front grill i.e. gloss black

    £165 +vat
  • Paint to lower front grill i.e. gloss black

    £230 +vat

T6.1 Upper grills

  • Gloss black upper front grille - badged

    £195 +vat
  • Gloss black upper front grille - badgeless

    £215 +vat
  • Paint to upper front grille - other colour than gloss black

    £315 +vat
  • Paint to thin upper front grille strip

    £65 +vat
  • Paint to thin upper front grille strip

    £65 +vat

T6 Lower grills

  • Gloss Black lower front grille

    £195 +vat
  • Paint to lower front grill - other colour than gloss black

    £420 +vat
  • Paint to lower front grille strip

    £65 +vat
  • Chrome strip to lower front grille

    £125 +vat

T6.1 Roof aerial cover

  • T6.1 Roof aerial cover - body coloured

    £95 +vat

Painting your caliper can be a stand out or subtle styling statement

A popular option when upgrading to alloy wheels which reveal more of your caliper, or if you just wish to make your brakes look good we can offer a caliper painting service. Your calipers can be painted in a colour of your choice and decals added (subject to the size of your calipers) to your requirements. Pricing on painted calipers can vary depending on how you want them done and the condition of your calipers.

  • Calipers painted with options of logos

    From £350 +vat

Exploria can offer a range of exhaust options, these can aid performance and add to the overall appearance.

When fitting a rear spoiler, many have pre-mouldings to accommodate a twin exhaust system. We can advise on what might best suit your need, but one of the most popular options is a custom exhaust system to suit. Prices depend on final tip choice and finish.

  • ABT Exhaust to suit rear lower skirt

    £725 +vat
    (Removes spare wheel)
  • Exploria custom exhaust to suit ABT rear lower skirt

    Prices from £460 +vat
    (Allows spare wheel to be kept)

Tinting tones down the red of the rear light to blend with your bodywork.

Tinting of rear lights changes them to a slightly smoked look to blend in with body work and to stand out less. This slight tinting doesn't effect the efficiency of the light and is a subtle extra which can really lift the look of a van.

We would normally tint the rear tail lights, high level brake light, bumper reflectors and side repeater indicators. 

  • Tint to rear tail lights, reflectors & side indicators

    £195 +vat
  • High level brake light tinted

    £30 +vat
    Replacement light required due to removal

Make an enquiry about a conversion

If you have a specific idea and want to bring it to life, why not speak to our team to discuss all your conversion needs?

Things to consider with Body Styling:

ABS Plastic

Expensive to set up the initial moulds and usually requires large quantity production / high-end price, due to production costs and investment. The end result can be a great finish, requiring little preparation before painting, and little clips and fixings can be moulded in easily.

GRP Fibreglass

Usually a lower-cost product due to the way it is manufactured. The end finish can be as good as the ABS plastic, but on the flip side, it can be very poor if manufactured badly. GRP is very strong and will flex to a point even when cold, and is easy to repair which can be good in some instances.