One of Volkswagen’s best selling commercial vehicles is the VW Transporter Kombi Van.

These vehicles are essentially panel vans with factory installed rear windows and removable rear seats.

Often purchased by businesses as well as private individuals, they offer great flexibility with varying load spaces, payloads and seating options. Although a brilliant vehicle from the factory, they are relatively basic and lacking in comfort. At Exploria we refine the Kombi van to make it more practical, pleasurable to use and luxurious.

Some of our most popular types of Kombi Conversion:

Adding soundproofing and insulation to reduce road noise and lining out to make the rear more car-like is a popular starting point for many customers. From this base, other conversion elements are added to suit individual requirements.

The Kombi van can be turned from a large load space, to a people carrier or camper within minutes. The menu of options is great and varied meaning Kombi conversions can be easily tailored to suit almost any budget.

At Exploria we like to get to know you and your vehicle. This allows us to consider all aspects and ensure you get the best conversion which all importantly suits your needs.

Through discussion with our knowledgeable team we can discuss and advise how to get the most out of your van and your budget. We can also help you convert in stages if this suits you better.

‘Day Vans’ as they are widely known, are becoming more and more popular. Largely due to the popularity and functionality they offer. With starting prices being a lot lower than full camper conversions, they are the way forward for many. These ‘Day Van’ Conversions are ideally suited for people who use their van as their daily drive/ people carrier/ workhorse as well as for their weekend/holiday get away vehicle.