Exploria offer 2 main types of cameras:

Dash Camera

Dash cameras originally were dashboard mounted cameras which record the view out of the front windscreen. Should something untoward happen whilst driving, the footage is safely stored for evidence should it be needed.

Since the early days, dash cameras have progressed to high tech, small and neat units which can be installed as a single channel for front view, or twin 2 channel for front and rear views. Now they’re mounted behind the rear view mirror looking out the top of the windscreen, discreetly out of site.

These little cameras record to a memory card and can link to the Cloud, and wirelessly to other devices for the footage to be viewed. 

Most have parking mode and auto detect any impacts, so they can be keeping an eye on things even when you are away from the vehicle.

We install the latest models from BlackVue and Alpine. Blackvue have incredible quality and functionality and are stand alone cameras. The Alpine cameras can be integrated into a stereo upgrade, so that picture can be viewed through the head unit while stationary.

  • Black Vue DR770X front and rear dash cam

    £525 +VAT

Reversing Camera

Most popular are rear view or reversing cameras which show an image of what is behind you. This is predominantly to aid when parking or hitching a trailer or caravan.

After extensive tests, we have chosen cameras from CK. We have found these to be the best in quality, price and durability. We find cameras give customers the confidence to get close to vehicles / walls without damaging property or vehicles. It can make all the difference in fitting into a space or not. The confidence and assistance it gives is superb. It only takes a bump to justify the cost of the camera.

  • Reversing Camera fitted to a standard Kombi Van

    £290 +VAT
    Additional fitting price for pre lined vans, depending on conversion
    Additional cost for California and Caravelle models

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