The majority of VW California owners are very happy with their camper, however many customers find they are just not quite perfect.

Whether it is a new California straight off the production line or an older model just needing a revamp, you can be assured that your precious vehicle is in safe hands with us. Exploria's fully qualified and knowledgeable staff know exactly how the Californias work and are put together.

Exploria can offer a full range of upgrades for these superb vehicles which are listed below.

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If you have a specific idea and want to bring it to life, why not speak to our team to discuss all your conversion needs?

Adding a heater is one of the most popular California upgrades. All year round we regularly add the fantastic Webasto diesel heaters to VW California beach and Ocean models. These effective units can vastly increase your camping season.

Exploria can fit the Webasto Airtop 2000STC heater using the same factory inlet and outlet vents used by VW in factory heater installs. This gives a factory finish to the work which is neatly in keeping with the rest of the California.

We fit heaters for California owners up and down the country; from main dealers to private owners. Many customers incorporate a heater install with an overnight stay local to us. We need a full day to install the heater, but can turn your vehicle around without it needing to be with us overnight. 

Using VW original equipment (OE) outlet ducts and a dedicated under floor heating kit, we have developed an incredible way of adding a heater to your Cali. We also have the option to use the OE step with built in intake ducting for that super factory look. 

With a number of heater controller options and locations, we really do have all the bases covered. 

For more specifics on the Webasto heater please check out our Heating page.

Our customers opt for leather seats for a range of reasons, whether it is for practicality, aesthetics or both. Leather seats in your California can transform the vehicle’s appearance and make cleaning up after spillages, pets or kids a doddle. Those that have owned a California for long enough will know how easy the standard fabric stains and holds watermarks after cleaning. Leather is really durable, long lasting and easy to clean, making it a favourite amongst campers. One question we get asked a lot is ‘what’s it like to sleep on?’ Our answer....... ‘it’s fine, as long as you have a bed sheet over the leather’. Most users already use a bed sheet for protection and comfort anyway.

We don’t only do standard leather kits, you can pick your own design, colour & stitching, with various images to help you in the decision making process. You are also in safe hands with integral airbags in your cab seats. We use airbag certified sewing machines to ensure the airbag detonates if required. Please check out our leather seat page for more info on leather seats.

If you would like replacement fabric covers we can do that also. We have a range of OEM California tailored seat covers, which we can fit for you, or simply supply only. Please call for details & pricing.

An increasingly popular option for growing families, or for customers with the need for a more dual purpose vehicle. We can confidently fit the extra rail into your vehicle as if it was fitted from new. We can also supply you with the right seat in the right trim to match your vehicle. It’s not the easiest of jobs to install and a nightmare if it goes wrong, however we have the experience to get it right the first time without the need to remove the furniture or floor.

Typical cost of adding the 3rd rail and seat:

  • Adding 3rd rail supplied & fitted

    £630 +VAT
  • Adding second seat

    £750 +VAT

Prices & stock do vary, so please get in touch for pricing

We can offer a full range of body styling options for your VW California; from spoilers all the way to side bars. We also offer a full range of weight rated alloy wheels, lowering springs & VB air suspension.

Get in touch to discuss your styling needs

We have a range of upgrades, from head units to full custom build media packages which can include upgraded speakers, reversing / parking cameras etc. and because we know how they are built and work, we can install equipment like this with ease without any breakages or damage and giving a factory finish.

If you are looking at ordering a new California or wanting to update your current system, please give us a call to discuss your requirements, as we can offer much better units at much more competitive prices.

Check out some of the options on our audio media page.

Various upgrades are possible on the electrical system, especially if you have the more basic Beach model. Full 12v / 240v systems are available on request. It is also possible to swap leisure batteries for larger versions with capacity, or even add an extra underfloor leisure battery to allow longer free camping times and increased onboard power. 

Solar panels for VW California Beach and Ocean models are also very popular upgrades. Exploria has various options available, depending on each California owner's specific needs. We do find that a 160W flush fit panel is a particularly good match for the vehicle and the way they tend to be used the most. 

Other extras such as charge system upgrades, LED awning lights and additional lighting is all possible.

Below are some other popular California upgrades worth listing:

  • Popular for California Beaches are the brilliant range of IndelB travel box fridges.
  • Adding cassette awnings or doing repair works to awnings already fitted to Californias.
  • Stripping and rebuilding California interiors after accident damage.
  • Cab screens and thermal screens for California models.
  • Window tinting for extra privacy and security.
  • Additional cab soundproofing
  • Cab and rear carpet mats in custom sizes.

Many of the conversion works we perform on other Transporter vehicles also cross over onto California’s. This gives us a great breadth of knowledge, so if you are looking for something we have not listed above, let us know what you need... it may be something we would like to try and offer a solution to.