240v Electric Hook Up (EHU) is a very popular option for both full campers and day van type conversions like our Exploria Active Van.

Having a 240v system allows you to have 3 pin sockets inside the van that can be used with domestic appliances when connected to a 240v supply. It also allows you to have a charging system which will charge your leisure battery and your vehicle battery when plugged in.

It is vital that 240v Electric are installed in the correct and safe way. At Exploria we always use the correct gauge of wiring, fusing and components to ensure the all electrical work is correct. Typically as part of a 240v system you would have 240v inlets which can be located discreetly under the rear bumper (our preferred placement), into the side of the van or under the bonnet. A 240v circuit breaker, battery charger, and sockets. 

We customise our electrical systems to your needs meaning pricing is available on request.

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