Our preferred brand of elevating roof is Reimo. We have supplied and fitted Reimo roofs since 2003. During this period they have stood up to the job in terms of quality and durability and for this reason, Reimo remains our preferred roof of choice.

Roofs are an extremely important element in a conversion, in terms of both the installation and the product itself. In recent years there have been many cheap replica roofs produced, that generally just don’t stand up to the mark. Like all items we fit, we will only fit TUV approved products and this is the same for the roofs.

  • It’s imperative that the shape of the roof is rigid and strong. The roof needs to drain water easily to avoid ponding..... often the cheaper roofs tend to sag in the middle and carry water.
  • Strength is vitally important – consider 80mph into a 30mph headwind = 110mph and a roof that flexes dramatically, can soon become an extremely large killing flying object..... and yes it can and does happen! One very big reason why we only fit TUV approved products; both for your safety and our liabilities.
  • It’s the most important thing if you want to stay dry. High quality canvas costs money, and having to replace a canvas is very expensive. So it’s best to have a good quality canvas from the outset.
  • The fit for the canvas is also important as the tighter the canvas, the quicker the rain runs off and less noise is created if the canvas fits like a drum.
  • The strengthening frame is a vital part, as you may imagine. It’s vital that strength is restored to the vehicle, as the main structural reinforcements are removed in the process of installing an elevating roof.
  • The strengthening frame holds the vehicle together and replaces the roof's cross members. Therefore, it’s the strengthening frame that stops the vehicle twisting and maintains the vehicle's rigidity. It is important that this is fitted correctly and fitted in a way not to cause any additional squeaks or rattles in the vehicle.

At Exploria we specialise in fitting Reimo roofs to VW Caravelles and Shuttles.

It’s not an easy job to undertake due to the headlining and, in most cases, the overhead air conditioning ducts and controls. Air conditioning ducts need to be re-routed and the wiring harness altered to allow them to still function. Custom made trim panels also need to be made to finish the new aperture of the roof. We can trim the surrounding area in any matching VW trim.

The typical cost is usually an additional £600 + VAT depending on the opening and trimming materials used.

Reimo Roofs

  • Reimo SWB roof, supplied and fitted

    £4,300 +VAT
    Colour coded to vehicle
  • Reimo LWB roof, supplied and fitted

    £4,550 +VAT
    Colour coded to vehicle
  • Exploria roof bed

    £410 +VAT

We prefer to produce our own roof beds as we can make them strong enough for two adults to sleep on and we can make them more comfortable using thicker better grade foam. The other benefit of choosing an Exploria roof bed is that we can fit roof lights to the underside of the bed, offering direct light where you need it. In addition, flip down roof monitors can be fitted to the underside of the bed, which can be watched when the bed is up or down. All wiring to lights and monitors are fully hidden within the bed. Beds can be trimmed in a range of materials to suit the conversion. Our beds work with a simple push or pull, which is assisted via discrete gas struts.

Exploria roof bed £410 + VAT

How your roof is fitted is vitally important, from the way the aperture is cut out, how the strengthening frame is fitted, the alignment of the roof, the tension and fit of the canvas and the internal trimming.

When we fit an elevating roof the first stage is to protect your vehicle inside and out from damaging filings, which if left, can rust and cause corrosion and paint damage. So the best thing to do is protect the vehicle from filings and hot metal bits. Before we start, we wrap the vehicle in a protective plastic sheet both inside and out. When we cut out for a roof we use various cutting tools including saws, nibblers and shears. We prefer to use this range of tools as it gives you greater control and the aforementioned tools all pass galvanised particles back over the cut edge. We avoid using grinders at all costs, which leave metal swarf which is very difficult to see and can cause long term damage to paintwork.

We cut the entire roof from inside the van avoiding the need to climb on to the roof, which is not only safer for us but also protects your vehicle, and prevents the remaining sections of the roof from sustaining dints and scratches. Once cut, all cut metal edges are treated to protect against future rust. Once treated, the strengthening frame is fitted. Strengthening frames are fitted exactly to manufacturers’ standards to ensure that we are totally covered against any liabilities and that your roof is trouble free. Finally & most importantly, in the unfortunate event of an accident, your vehicle will remain intact and safe for yourself, your family and passengers.

  • As with everything we do, we try to ensure that our service and our products are first class. That’s why we trim around the cab area in a matching trim to the vehicle rather than using unsightly rubber trims. We also hide rivet heads by blanking them, along with adding part-hidden curtain rails in the trimming process.
  • We ensure that all sealing and canvas tension is done to the highest levels, offering a factory look.
  • Particular effort is made to get the roofs to sit exactly right with perfect alignment.

The most popular lighting for the roof bed is an LED flexi light that can double up as a reading light for the cab area. This light can be moved to any position and is switched at the end of the light. Like with all our internal lights it is an LED light, which is super bright and uses very little power.

We supply and fit these at £75 + VAT

Custom mounted roof lights mounted into the headlining of the elevating roof can be done in association with a roof lining re-trim. Usually, we tend to put flush LED spot lights down the centre of the roof to offer lighting to the whole bed area.

These typically cost £190 + VAT.

Roof bed lights to light the main living area are priced per design and per number of lights.

Typical pricing is £170 - £195 + VAT.

We re-trim elevating roofs on customer's request. This is usually done so that a perfect match can be made to the rest of the conversion, rather than having the standard headlining material supplied by Reimo. The price reflects the labour involved in the stripping down of all the canvas, removal of the old lining and replacing with the desired lining material.

Pricing starts at £410 + VAT

We can fit a number of roof rail/rack systems to the elevating roof.

Please get in touch to discuss and we can suggest and price various options suitable for your requirements.

Child safety nets can easily be fitted to all types of beds.

These are often useful if children are sleeping above to ensure they don’t fall out of bed during the night.

Supply only £75 + VAT

Nets supplied and fitted £90 + VAT

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