An inverter allows 240v appliances to be used from a 12v leisure battery system. This is useful for powering such things as games consoles, laptop computers and coffee machines.

Many modern appliances can be charged by 12v power and if this is possible for the appliance you want to use, it is the most effective way of powering the electrical items you need. Such items as iPads, phones and modern laptops can all be powered by 12v saving the need for an inverter.

When looking for an inverter there are a number for things to consider. The key question is: what do I want to power? This dictates the capacity of the inverter (wattage) and the type (Pure Sine Wave or Modified Sine Wave). This then directly affects the size of the unit and therefore where it can be located and price.

Your leisure battery capacity also needs consideration when running an inverter, as they use power themselves as well as power being used by the appliances itself.

To get the right inverter for you it is best to discuss your requirement with us.

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