Exploria specialise in suspension upgrades for VW Transporters

Here at Exploria we alter the suspension on vehicles for a number of reasons. Not just for looks, but to improve handling, to make getting in and out easier and even to increase head room for better access into garages and car parks.

We perform 3 major types of suspension upgrades.

Lowering Springs

The most cost effective method; this involves changing the factory springs for specifically lowered models. We recommend the 40mm lowering springs from H&R as they are available in different types to suit the payload of your vehicle. These give a great ride compared to many others on the market. H&R do offer a 50mm spring which we can supply and fit for those wanting the extra low look, but this does come at the price of a compromised ride quality.


A coil over kit requires replacing the struts and the springs. The advantage to this system is that it gives an increased ride quality, as the shock absorbers and struts have been designed to work at the lower ride height. This sort of set up has a motorsport heritage and is seen as the performance choice by many. The Bilstein B14 kit is the market leader and our preferred coil over kit to install.

Air Suspension

The most expensive but most versatile system on the market; this system offers all the advantages of lowering, with none of the disadvantages. Exploria installs the VB Air Suspension products to a range of vehicles and we personally use the systems on our own demo vehicles. This option involves replacing the struts with air bags, giving variable ride heights and increased comfort.

Suspension Upgrade Specifics 

Lowering Springs

The range of lowering springs available for the Transporter is vast and so is the quality of the springs. The main effect this has is differing quality of ride after install.

Our experience has taught us that when it comes to ride quality, only the best possible will do. It is with this mind set that we have settled on only installing the 40mm lowering springs from H&R.

These springs come in types to suit the vehicle and payload/axle weights. They give the best ride and also a great aesthetic with a good arch gap when teamed with a 20” wheel.

Lower lowering springs are available, but the compromise to the ride is not worth the extra 10mm lower, in our experience. We have also found many of the 30mm springs do not ride as well as the H&R springs we prefer to fit.

Lowering takes us around 2-3 hours in our workshop and can normally be preferred at short lead times around our other long term conversion works. 

We always recommend 4 wheel alignment after any suspension works.

On older vehicles, front drop links might need replacing when lowering is performed.

  • H&R 40mm lowering springs - Supplied & fitted

    £350 +vat
  • 4 Wheel Alignment

    £75 +vat

Exploria stocks a good range of the Bilstein coil over kits.

Installing coil overs requires not only replacing the springs, but the struts and shock absorbers too. This setup has had all the components designed to be driven at the lower ride. Therefore an improved ride and handling is experienced.

The B14 kit is the most popular and allows it to be set on install and adjusted in the workshop later to different ride heights. However, we find towards the top of the travel range gives the best ride and practically for standard road use.

Bilstein B14 coilovers a standard B14 kit and a comfort bit which is a softer version of a more comfortable but less sporty handling van.

We stock both the T28/30 or T32 kits as standard in our West Yorkshire workshop.

Lowering takes us around half a day in our workshop and can normally be preferred at short lead times around our other long term conversion works. 

We always recommend 4 wheel alignment after any suspension works.

  • Bilstein B14 Coilover kit - Supplied & Fitted

    £1170 +vat
  • Bilstein B14 Komfort Coilover kit - Supplied & Fitted

    £1470 +vat
  • 4 Wheel Alignment

    £75 +vat

4 corner VB Air Suspension for VW Transporter models

Often found on many high end vehicles such as Land Rovers and high end Audis, air suspension can give you a much nicer ride in terms of comfort, performance and driveability. It can also offer you different ride heights to suit the terrain you are travelling on.

When it comes to options on Air Suspension, there are a few on the market. However, VB is the only Volkswagen approved system for the VW Transporter. Exploria are pleased to offer this system, with the peace of mind that it is extremely safe and, in our opinion, the most sophisticated suspension available. It also does not affect your Volkswagen Warranty, unlike many others. (*VB offer 2 years warranty on their parts which can be extended to 3 at time of purchase)
This air suspension is not installed to be the lowest to the floor or to allow the vehicle to bounce around. So if you are wanting this type of ride, VB suspension is probably not the right choice for you.

VB suspension is designed to improve the comfort, ride and handling of the vehicle for everyday use. It is a 100% adaptive system changing with vehicle movements and cornering. The sport mode setting can be set to give you a maximum drop instance to approximately 50mm drop.


This setting lowers the vehicle from its standard height giving less body roll, more positive handling and a firmer ride.

This setting lifts the vehicle approximately 40mm higher than the standard suspension, giving huge clearance. This setting is great if you need to go off road or have a lower valance / spoiler fitted which can be compromised due to obstacles / curbs. A push of the button elevates you away from danger.

There are many carparks where you just can’t get in just because you’re a few centimetres over. At a push of the button the suspension can be dropped to its lowest to enable you to get in without the worry of catching. This mode is also often used to leave the vehicle parked up giving it that super low look.

No need to get out and try to level your vehicle on levelling blocks. Just select the auto level button and the vehicle levels itself.

You can set two stored memory settings, so if you need a particular setting for such things such as emptying the water tank or making it easier to load or exit, you can set these in the memory.

You can manually alter the axle heights with the touch of a button, which can be very helpful if you are trying to get to something under the vehicle or need assistance in accessing the jacking points.

For peace of mind there is a full service network throughout Europe.

  • VB 4 Corner air suspension for T6/T6.1 Transporter

    £5425 +vat
    Pricing may vary depending on specific options required for your vehicle
  • 4 Wheel Alignment

    £75 +vat

Hear from our director

Lowering Springs

  • H&R 40mm lowering springs – Supplied & fitted

    £350 +VAT

Coilover Kits

  • Bilstein B14 Coilover kit - Supplied and Fitted

    £1170 +VAT
  • Bilstein B14 Coilover Komfort kit – Supplied and fitted

    £1470 +VAT

4 Wheel Alignment

  • Wheel alignment

    £75 +VAT
    When having suspension work carried out, it is a good idea to have wheel alignment checked. Exploria is able to offer 4 wheel laser alignment in house. We would strongly recommend to have this performed after suspension work.

VB Air Suspension

  • VB 4 Corner air suspension for T6/T6.1 Transporter

    £5425 +VAT
    Pricing may vary depending on specific options required for your vehicle

Pros and Cons of Lowering Springs and Coil Overs:

Better handling

The vehicle roll is vastly reduced. Vans are designed as commercial vehicles and a high percentage need good ground clearance and to be capable of carrying large loads, so they tend to sit high in the air to facilitate this.

Easier entry and exit

It’s surprising how much difference 40mm or more makes (most women would say it makes a massive difference!) but it really does. Jumping in and out of various vans at work ,we can tell if a van has been lowered or not just by simply getting in or out of it.

Better aesthetics

Vehicles often look so much better when they sit lower to the floor – especially if they have had bigger wheels added.

Reduced vehicle height

Gives better clearance for access into garages and car parks with height restrictions.

Harder ride

Lowering a vehicle does decrease the amount of suspension travel and can make the ride harsher when hitting bumps. Done correctly, and on good quality springs, the ride is not as hard.

Less ground clearance

Ground clearance can be an issue with curbs, speed bumps and those bumpy roads down to the beach. However, I must say that we have used vehicles which have been lowered by 40mm and with a full body kit, and had very few problems with ground clearance.

Cost can be quite expensive

At Exploria we lower a lot of Transporters on H&R 40mm springs. You can get this done cheaper by using non branded or cheaper makes of springs. We have found problems with spring breakages, end ride heights and handling issues on less expensive products. Our advice would be to use high quality products from recognised brands; such as H&R. They offer high quality products, great warranties and have the biggest range of spring options to suit your vehicle. Often, as with many things, paying that little bit more at the start saves you having to pay extra in the long run.

Without a doubt (and taking budget out of the equation) VB Air is the best performing and functional suspension upgrade available for a Transporter.

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