The VW Kombi van is a very popular factory model. Essentially it is a panel van with rear windows and removable rear seats. Popular with businesses to get the benefits of a crew van, and with families needing extra seating.

Many VW Transporter panel van owners would love the extra benefits of a Kombi, and Exploria can help by adding VW original equipment. This means Exploria's Kombi conversions are as close to a factory finish as possible and can be hard to tell apart.

What is involved in turning a panel van into a Kombi?

Most popular is to add side windows, second row rear seating and a suitable floor. Although it is not essential to have them all together.

Side windows can be fixed or sliding, and we prefer to install genuine VW glass as this gives the best look and finish. More can be read on windows on our windows page.

Second row seating is available in three configurations. A triple bench seat, 2+1 split seating, or 3 singles. Exploria carry a large range of genuine VW seats in stock and we can normally match your front seating to complete the factory look.

Adding in a second row of seating means adding in floor fixing brackets. Once installed, the flooring of the vehicle needs to be adapted to suit. Depending on the vehicles current specification this might require the floor to be adapted or a new floor adding. We can discuss with you which option will suit you best based on the way you want to use your vehicle.

Many conversions of this type are done along with an Exploria line out for that full car-like finish. 

We also have the know-how and ability to finish off the details, like removing factory cab bulkheads, adding seat back plastic trims and step lights, as these are required to give the finishing touches. All of these are down to the level of finish you require on your vehicle.

We work on a fully itemised quotation base, get in touch for some more details, info and pricing. 

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