From very early on Exploria knew audio media was a key part of any vehicle

Audio media can be a large and wide reaching topic. Exploria is used to dealing with all manner of upgrades in this category. We can help with straight forward reversing cameras all the way upto all singing all dancing high output integrated media systems.

For most customer we find they want a good all round system to meet their daily needs. Good functionality, a nice level of sound and phone connectivity.

A popular starting point for many on audio upgrades is to add a pair of rear speaker, usually as part of a line out so the kids can hear the music in the back. We can take this all the way up to a high end amplified system with a Factory stereo or with an upgraded premium aftermarket version.

Roof monitors with HDMI and USB inputs can be installed as stand allow items or linked an upgraded stereo. A DVD player and TV Tuner could also be added as seperate items if wanted. Although streaming media from a portable device is now the most popular option.

Audio Media can be a large and confusing topic but we are here to help. Exploria listen to your needs and tailor a package to suit you and your budget.

Do not hesitate to get it in contact with our team for help and advice.

With full systems in our demo vehicles you can listen to and look at the products before deciding what is best for you.