Increase performance with remapping from Exploria - We can improve your van's performance and economy.

ECU Remapping

At Exploria, we work with ECU remapping experts with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. We can enhance your vehicle's power delivery with a fast, effective ECU remapping service. When a Transporter leaves the factory, the ECU is programmed to cater to the mid range drivers who disregard service schedules and use second rate fuel. It means your van is only working at 80% capacity. What we do is safely rewrite the software on your ECU to squeeze out that extra performance for a better drive.

We are not looking to make your van into a track performance race machine, just to improve the driveability, which also improves fuel economy too.

Typical performance improvements:

Factory BHP ReMap BHP Increase in BHP Factory Torque ReMap Torque Increase in Torque
102 175 73 250 360 110
150 195 45 320 410 90
204 230 26 450 500 50


Every vehicle is different and results may vary due to the age and condition of the vehicle, as well as the fuel quality and air temperature/pressure. It is impossible to accurately predict the performance gain your vehicle will experience, and no other company should promise you a specific number due to these variables. We will work with your vehicle however, to accommodate all possible improvements, as we also offer tuning with additional modifications which can be catered for on request, including DPF Removal, EGR Deletion, Lambda Deletion, Speed Limiter Removal, DSG gearbox mapping and even linear throttle mapping.

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Exploria can offer a range of exhaust options, these can aid performance and add to the overall appearance.

We offer a range of exhaust systems; from off the shelf units, to fully custom made systems. Exhausts are added for two reasons; one is performance and the other is aesthetics.

Performance improvements can be achieved from an improved flow of gasses, making the vehicle more efficient. Normally the addition of an improved exhaust means you remove at least one of the exhaust boxes, which in turn de-restricts the flow of exhaust gasses.

Sound is generally unchanged on diesel vehicles by modifying the exhaust system, unlike that of petrol engines.

An exhaust can make all the difference to the styling of your van, often just completing that sporty look. Various rear bumpers and bumper skirts have provision for an exhaust and often without one, it just doesn’t look quite right.