Alpine are producing the best audio equipment for the VW Transporter market.

Having worked with many of the top brands over recent years, we have discovered what works and what doesn't work in a VW Transporter. Not only this, we have narrowed down the vast and confusing range of products out there. We have custom selected a core range we carry in stock and know give the very best performance.

Alpine is the brand we use predominantly and we have a great relationship with Alpine UK. Exploria are one of, if not the leading installer in the VW Transporter market.

We have found Alpine's head units to be second-to-none in the aftermarket upgrade work. Exploria have developed unique methods for installations, which work really well and give great results in the brand new T6.1, T6 and T5.1. We can even upgrade stereos and speakers in the latest shape VW Crafters.

In the tabs below you can view details on all of the individual Alpine items we supply and fit. We also specialise in putting  these together in your vehicle to suit your wants, needs and budget. Get in touch for further help, advice and itemised quotations.

The latest VW Transporter T6.1 now features a dash aperture capable of taking the amazing X903DU. This has a super clear 9” touch screen and function buttons down either side of the screen. This makes usability super easy.

Exploria have developed a fascia unique to ourselves which allows this unit to be flush fitted into the dash of the T6.1’s. This is a brilliant factory look and feel to this aftermarket upgrade.

The X903-DU is the 3rd generation Alpine style navigation system offering extensive media options including Apple Carplay and Android Auto. TomTom maps and 3 years free updates.

Just like the X800 series we have extensively installed into T5.1 and T6 models, the X903 is brilliant as a stand-alone head unit upgrade, or the centre to a full, in-van entertainment system.

With HDMI input and output, streaming from an HDMI device is possible, directly to the unit and can be sent to a roof monitor too!

  • Supply only Alpine X903D

    £1550 +vat
  • Installation of X903


The very best option when it comes to upgrading the stereo in the VW Transporter T6 and T5.1 is the fantastic X803DU. This unit features a large 8” touch screen. The largest that will fit in the dashboard facia of the T6 model. The head unit can be cleverly installed with a tilt on the screen giving the optimal angle to reduce glare and give the best view. This is a massive advantage over factory units and others on the market.

With built in Sat Nav, Bluetooth connect and Apple car play/Android Auto, the X803 has you covered for daily use and performance. Throw in high end audio output, split screen functionality for audio and navigation to appear simultaneously, HDMI input and output which can be teamed with a large range of devices for in van entertainment, and you have a market leading system.

Other cheaper head unit upgrades are available, but offer limited functions and upgrades over factory fitted stereos. We find the savings are short lived and you are left wanting more, so in the long run it is more cost effective to spend the extra and get the best system you can.

  • Supply only Alpine X803

    £1000 +vat
  • Stereo Interface

    £120 +vat
  • Installation of X803DU

    £165 +vat

The catchily named INE-F904D is also know as the “Alpine Halo 9”. Predominantly designed to offer advanced phone mirroring for use while driving, it features a large 9” screen which sits proud on the dash, giving the high end “dash mounted tablet” featured on some high end cars. 

It has many of the feature of the X803 including touch screen, bluetooth, Apple Car Play and Andriod Audio. In Exploria’s experience, this unit is best suited for customers using their T6 as a car and want the larger prominent screen for phone mirroring. For most other application and in campers, the X803 is the best in class.

Exploria stocks a large range of Alpine speakers. We can offer many speaker solutions depending on the sound you are searching for.

Adding rear speakers:

For our line-outs, the most popular option is the fabulous S type Coax speakers. These are the perfect addition to a factory set up for rear audio.

Upgrading front speakers:

The most cost effective way to improve the sound in a T6.1 is to improve the quality of the front speaker. Replacing the low end commercial vehicle spec front door speakers and A pos pillar tweeters gives a vastly better cab sound quality and crispness to music. Allowing you to enjoy the tones of your tunes while enjoying driving your van.

Alpine are producing the fantastic SPC range of component speakers specifically designed for VW Transporters. 

With attractive replacement A post pillar tweets, these speakers are a real improvement from factory.

Amplifying a factory system:

If you have an upgraded VW head unit installed at the Factory the best speakers for your van are the Alpine S types. Their superior build quality is more than capable of taking the extra drive from the amplifier. The higher quality R-type speakers only have their potential unlocked with an Alpine head unit so are not worth the extra cost without this.


There is a large range of subs available, but Exploria’s firm favourite is the Alpine R type. We chose to team a subwoofer with an amplified system.

With amazing output we like to house the sub in a custom made sub box under the driver's seat. We produce these for each vehicle, depending on whether they are to suit a bulkhead in a panel van, have a factory plastic cover on the rear of the seat base, or have a swivel installed.

Active Subwoofer:

If you are looking for a subwoofer without an amplifier, Alpine do some fantastic powered sub boxes to drive the sub without an amplified system. These are neat, self contained units but locations can be trickier to work around conversion. So let us know if this is something you are interested in and we can see what will work for you and your vehicle.

Fully Amplified system with Alpine head unit and Subwoofer:

If you are wanting the very best system and have opted for an upgraded Alpine head unit, then this is where the R Type Speakers come into their own.

We have R type speakers for the front doors and A post tweets. The brilliant Alpine R Type component speakers are amazing in their sound quality. They can be installed just with the head unit but are often put in with an Alpine amplifier and R Type subwoofer.

For the rear you could go for the brilliant coax speakers, or Alpine also offer the R type speakers in components with separate tweeters for better definition.

  • Alpine 16.5 R Type front speakers

    £195 +vat
  • Alpine 16.5 S Type front speakers

    £110 +vat
  • Alpine 16.5 R Type rear speakers

    £195 +vat
  • Alpine 16.5 R Type rear coax speakers - amplified systems

    £165 +vat
  • Alpine 16.5 S Type rear coax speakers

    £125 +vat
  • 13cm Alpine Type G speakers - to suit Motexion Bulkhead

    £70 +vat
  • 13cm Alpine Type R speakers -Recommended for Amplified - to suit Motexion Bulkhead

    £135 +vat
  • Alpine 8.5 R underseat sub

    £120 +vat
  • Alpine 8.5 G underseat sub

    £70 +vat
  • Exploria custom underseat sub box

    £110 +vat
  • Exploria custom underseat sub box for swivel base

    £150 +vat

Adding an amplifier to a system gives that extra drive to the speakers to get the most out of your music.

Systems with a Factory Headunit

For Factory Systems the S type Amplifier from Alpine, with the S type speakers works amazingly as an all round winner. This sort of setup may or may not include the addition of a subwoofer.

Systems with an Alpine Headunit

With the Alpine Headunit we utilise the very effective PDX V range of amps. These give amazing sound with the R type speakers range. Available in 4 or 5 channel options you can choose if a sub is or isn't important in your audio setup.

We have a range of locations for installing amplifiers; from simple straightforward installs under front seats, to making a feature of them in your headlining or wall.

Which is best for you is dependent on personal preference and other items being installed and where your amp will fit and work the best.

  • Alpine 5 channel amplifier

    £390 +vat
    recommended for Alpine X802DU
  • Alpine S Type amplifier

    £220 +vat
    recommended with VW factory audio media systems - dicovery media
  • Wiring kit for 5 channel amp

    £75 +vat
  • Alpine PDX12 Mono Block amplifier

    £450 +vat
    Bass specific Sub
  • Fitting costs subject to location of amplifier

Many now prefer to stream media directly from phones, tablets and laptops, but for some you can’t beat a trusted DVD player or tuning in to your favourite TV channel.

Alpine offers their brilliant, neat and compact DVE-5300 DVD player. This is ideal for installing in a number of locations in your van. Where it is best all depends on yourself, your factory specification and other items being installed.

For TV reception, Exploria installs the TUE-T150DV from Alpine. This mobile Digital TV receiver allows you to pick up TV channels while away in the van. With 2 window antennas; one for each plane of sight if there is a TV signal to be found, this system will pick it up.

  • Supply and Fit Alpine TUE T220DB and Alpine Aerials

    £370 +vat

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