California Upgrades

The majority of VW California owners are very happy with their camper; however, many customers find they are just not quite perfect. We can offer a full range of VW California upgrades for this superb vehicle, as listed below. If it’s not listed below we would like to know what you need... it maybe something we would like to try and offer a solution to.

Whether it’s new off the production line or the old pre-facelift model just needing a revamp; you can be assured that your precious vehicle is in safe hands, with fully qualified knowledgeable staff, who know exactly how they work and how they are put together and taken apart.

Leather Seats / Seat Upholstery

Our customers opt for leather seats for a range of reasons whether it is for practicality, aesthetics or both. Leather seats in your California can transform the vehicle’s appearance and make cleaning up after spillages, pets or kids a doddle. Those that have owned a California for long enough will know how easy the standard fabric stains and holds watermarks after cleaning. Leather is really durable, long lasting and easy to clean, making it a favourite amongst campers. One question we get asked a lot is ‘what’s it like to sleep on?’ Our answer....... ‘it’s fine, as long as you have a bed sheet over the leather’. Most users always use a bed sheet for protection and comfort anyway.


California camper van upgrades


California camper van upgrades

We don’t only do standard leather kits, you can pick your own design, colour & stitching with various images to help you in the decision making process. You are also in safe hands with integral Airbags in your cab seats. We use airbag certified sewing machines to ensure the airbag detonates if required. Please check out our leather seat page for more info on leather seats.

If you just want replacement fabric covers we can do that also. We have a range of OEM California tailored seat covers, fitted or just supplied only. Please call for details & pricing.

Typical Leather Seat Pricing:

2 Cab seats (pair) £675 + VAT Rear double bed £800 + VAT Rear triple bed £800 + VAT Rear double mattress cover £180 + VAT Rear triple mattress cover £200 + VAT

California camper van upgrades

Typical Additional Costs

Bentley stitching / quilting or similar £40 + VAT per seat
Individualised Embroidered or embossed logos £40 + VAT per seat (Exploria logos are F.O.C.)

As well as customising seats, we can also trim headlinings, A post pillars, door cards, sun visors, dashboards etc. Availability and pricing on request.

Rear TV / Monitor

15” Rear Seat Screen

For many owners not having a rear screen is a huge shortfall, whereas for others it’s a godsend! However for those who do want one, there are limited options in a California....... until now. Due to the roof design in the California it doesn’t allow hanging of a roof mounted screen; therefore, limiting the options available. At Exploria we have come up with a solution to this by mounting as big a screen as possible into the back of the driver’s seat. This 15.5” screen offers great viewing at all angles and with it being the driver’s seat it often doesn’t get swivelled around. The reclining backrest offers different viewing angles and if you do wish to swivel the seat, this is no problem too.

Whether it’s to snuggle up on a night time to watch a DVD or to keep the kids quiet on long journeys, it’s a great addition to your California. You do need a head unit that is capable of powering the monitor or an associated device to play the media.

California camper van upgrades

Alpine 8” Dash Board Stereo

A fantastic addition to any T5 and looks amazing when installed with DVD / DAB / NAV / BLUETOOTH / MEDIA all in one unit with a screen size 43% bigger than any other rival on the market place. It will power the rear 15” screen perfectly. Check it out on our in car media page

California camper van upgrades

Audio Media Upgrades

We have a range of upgrades from head units to full custom build media packages, rear headrest screens moulded into original headrests, upgraded speakers, reversing / parking cameras.....and because we know how they are built and work, we can install equipment like this with ease without any breakages or damage and giving a factory finish.

If you are looking at ordering a new California or wanting to update your current system, please give us a call to discuss your requirements, as we can offer much better units at much more competitive prices. Check out some of the options on our in car media page.

Adding 3rd Rail and Extra Seat

An increasingly popular option for growing families or for customers with the need for a more dual purpose vehicle. We can confidently fit the extra rail into your vehicle as if it was fitted from new and supply you with the right seat in the right trim to match your vehicle. It’s not the easiest of jobs to install and a nightmare if it goes wrong; however, we have the experience to get it right first time without the need to remove the furniture or floor.

California camper van upgrades

Typical cost of adding the 3rd rail and seat:

Adding 3rd rail supplied & fitted £630 + VAT
Adding second seat £750 + VAT - prices & stock do vary, so please call for pricing

California camper van upgrades

Heating System

If your California hasn’t already got a heating system, then we can add a Webasto diesel heater as if it was installed at factory. We can even use the same system in which it enters the vehicle, giving that seamless factory look. We have a dedicated under floor heating kit that works amazingly. Various other features can be added to a new or existing factory heating system, such as allowing them to be operated by your smart phone and on 7 day timers... Please check out our Heating page in Conversion Services.

California camper van heating upgrades

240v System / Leisure Battery

Various upgrades are possible on the electrical system, especially if you have the more basic Beach model. Full 12v / 240v systems are available on request. It is also possible to add an extra under floor leisure battery to allow longer free camping and onboard power. Other extras such as solar panels, LED awning lights and additional lighting is all possible. Please have a look at our Services pages in Conversion Services.

California camper van heating upgrades

Removable Kitchen Pod – California Beach

We can produce custom made furniture to suit individual requirements and needs whether it is fixed or fully removable furniture. This is a popular option if you want more from your California Beach with the flexibility to remove it all again.

California camper van kitchen pod

Body Styling & Alloy Wheels

We can offer a full range of body styling options for your VW California, from spoilers to side bars and side skirts. We also offer a full range of weight rated alloy wheels, lowering springs & air rise suspension. Please take a look at our Styling & Performance pages.

California camper van alloy wheel upgrades

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