We offer a range of exhaust systems; from off the shelf units to fully custom made systems. Exhausts are added for two reasons, one is performance and the other is aesthetics.

Performance improvements can be achieved from an improved flow of gasses, making the vehicle more efficient. Normally the addition of an improved exhaust means you remove at least one of the exhaust boxes, which in turn de-restricts the flow of exhaust gasses.

Sound is generally unchanged on diesel vehicles by modifying the exhaust system unlike that of petrol engines.

An exhaust can make all the difference to the styling of your van, often just completing that sporty look. Various rear bumpers and bumper skirts have provision for an exhaust and often without one it just doesn’t look quite right.

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Twin rear tail pipe - supply only £150 + VAT
Twin rear tail pipe - supplied and fitted £195 + VAT

Camper van exhaust

Quad rear exhaust system - supply only £390 + VAT
Quad rear exhaust system - supplied and fitted £490 + VAT

Camper van exhaust

For a custom exhaust please call with your requirements