Heating Systems

Due to the size of the vehicles we work on, the most efficient and practical heating system is a diesel powered unit. We use Webasto products, which are very similar to that of Eberspacher which many people associate with diesel heating. We use Webasto for various reasons, one of which is that we have dealt with Webasto for years and have had no problems with their heating systems, plus the technical advice and support is second to none.

We have a strong working relationship with Webasto UK and as such we have had a custom kit produced, specifically for our installations, which are produced at factory. Another reason for using Webasto products is that they produce secondary heaters for various models of the Transporter, Shuttle, Caravelle and California which we can manipulate and modify to suit customers requirements on request.

We have Webasto trained technicians available to install units that can be suited to individual requirements.

Airtop 2000 Kit

This is a great unit that has been tried and tested. Webasto are so confident in its performance, reliability and quality that these units now come with 3 years warranty. We can fit this unit in a variety of locations; however on the T5 the most appropriate position is under the floor beneath the driver’s seat. Installing the unit under-floor frees up precious space inside and it also reduces noise inside the vehicle whilst the heater in operation. Due to VW’s great factory under-floor chassis plastic protection, heaters can be fitted out of sight and housed in a plastic protective shield, protecting it from the elements. We have perfected the fit of these heaters to the T5 and they are installed in such a way that it is just like a factory fit product.

Whilst in operation, you can expect to get 4 hours of continuous running time of a Webasto Airtop 2000 heater, and for it to consume 1L of diesel, making it a very cost effective heating solution. Please also bear in mind that the heaters would rarely run for periods longer than 40 mins continuously as target temperatures are achieved very quickly and the unit then goes into standby mode.

Underfloor Webasto Airtop 2000ST Exploria custom kit supplied and fitted at £1045 + VAT. Air intake at driver’s side step and output from side of passenger seat base.

Camper Van heating system

7 Day Timer

The 7 day timer offers 3 programmable 7 day timing options. This allows the user to set the ‘on / off’ times of the heater. Ideal for those winter months when you leave the house Monday to Friday at 8am and step in to a vehicle that’s defrosted and as warm as the bed you have just rolled out of. Or, equally as nice when you roll out of the pub at last orders, into a warm cosy camper van on those great weekends away.

As well as being a programmable unit, it also has over-ride facilities to simply turn the unit on and off. We also have the ‘know how’ to turn these units on indefinitely or to run for a period of 2 hours.

7 Day timers added to the Airtop 2000 from £120 + VAT (depending on timer locations and secondary function switches).

Camper Van heating system

Thermo Call – Mobile Phone Operated Control

This unit is the latest innovative idea to come from Webasto. It has been specially adapted to work on the Airtop 2000ST and allows control via your smart phone, as well as manually. Yes it does sound a little bit of a gimmick and a bit ‘techie’. However, you don’t have to be technically minded to use it, it works better than the standard 7 day timer and is simpler to use. We think it’s a great bit of kit and have stocked up on this product. Just think..... you can be in the pub for last orders and set your van to heat up before you get back to your van, or you might wake up to a frosty morning & at the touch of a button your heating in the van can automatically switch on, allowing your van to be fully defrosted by the time you have got dressed and ready for work.

The Thermo Call unit can also be linked to a secondary device like your vehicle’s alarm to let you know if it’s going off. Other devices like alarms can also be linked to this module.

The cost of this unit is £360 + VAT

* The user is required to download the free Webasto app. A ‘pay as you go’ sim card with £10 credit is included in the above price; however a top up may be required occasionally to keep the sim card active.

Camper Van heating system

OEM Heater Ducts

We are proud to be the first in the UK to incorporate factory VW heater ducts from an under mount Webasto heater. The benefits of this are:

  • Safer installation, in terms of disturbance to the under seat floor plan
  • More direct hot air flow into vehicle
  • Frees up space under driver’s seat for batteries, electrical units, storage
  • More professional / factory finish and look
  • Less heat loss due to conduit and direction

Additional cost on top of the Airtop 2000ST installation is £225 + VAT

Caravelle / Shuttle / Transporter - Secondary Heater 7 Day Timer

The majority of VW Caravelles & Shuttles are factory fitted with a secondary diesel heater as standard. We can add a 7 day timer to this heater, including a few modifications and alterations to the wiring loom. This allows programmable functions which enables the user to use the diesel heater as a secondary heater system, for a maximum of 2 hours at a time. This addition is great for those who want to:

  • Set the heater to come on half an hour before they go to work to warm and defrost the vehicle
  • Have a reliable heating system, capable of 2 hour stints for those odd chilly nights that you camp out in your van

The addition of this 7 day timer is good but not a patch on having a full Airtop 2000 kit fitted with the comparable 7 day timer or Thermo Call device(depending on requirements)

Pricing varies depending on application and requirements, but as a guide £500 + VAT

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